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South Egremont.  Cong.  Ch. ...26.68

Southfield.  Cong.  Ch. ...15.00

South Framingham.  South Cong.  Ch. ...87.77

South Hadley.  Cong.  Ch. ...24.00

South Royalston.  Amos Blanchard. ...10.00

Spencer.  First Cong.  Ch. ...85.00

Springfield.  Sab.  Sch. of South Cong.  Ch.,
  for Student Aid, Santee Indian Sch. ...70.00

Stockbridge.  Miss Alice Byington, for
  Indian M. ...30.00

Sudbury.  Ladies of Cong.  Ch., Freight for
  Straight U. ...3.00

Oxford.  Woman’s Miss’y Soc. by Miss
  L.D.  Stockwell, for Tougaloo U. ...14.00

Oxford.  Ladies’ Miss’y Soc., Freight for
  Kittrell N.C. ...2.50

Pittsfield.  Mrs. Mary E. Sears ...5.00

Revere.  First Cong.  Ch. and Soc. ...13.50

Rockland.  Cong.  Ch., to const.  FRANK
  SHELDON L.M. ...30.00

Topsfield.  Rev. Daniel D. Tappan ...2.20

Townsend.  By Mrs. Ralph Ball, Freight
  for Sherwood, Tenn. ...2.00

Ware.  Sab.  Sch. of Cong.  Ch., for Santee
  Home, Indian M. ...25.00

Warren.  Mrs. J. Ramsdell, for Chinese M. ...5.00

Westford.  Ladies’ Soc.  Bbl. of C. for Storrs
  Sch., Atlanta, Ga.

West Granville.  Sab.  Sch. of Cong.  Ch. ...5.00

Westhampton.  Cong.  Ch. ...28.20

West Newbury.  First Cong.  Ch. ...6.00

West Springfield.  Ladles’ Mission Circle of
  Park St. Ch. for Pleasant Hill, Tenn. ...100.00

Worcester.  Mrs. G.F.  Orr, 10;
  Mrs. Laird, 2; for Talladega C. ...12.00

Hampden Benevolent Association, by
  Charles Marsh, Treas.

Agawam. ...15.00

Holyoke.  Second. ...92.43

Springfield.  South. ...57.62

Olivet.  Ladies Praying Cir. ...2.18

Westfield.  Second. ...14.46

------  ...181.69


Concord.  N.H.  First Cong.  Ch. 2 Bbls. 
  Val. 37.06

Saint Johnsbury, Vt.  Juvenile Sew.  Soc.
  of North Ch., Box, for Grand View, Tenn.

Lanesville, Mass.  W.L.  Saunders, 2 Bundles

Ashmont.  Mr. Hale, Bbl. and Box

Groton.  By F.D.  Lewis, Box for Lexington, Ky.

Oxford.  Ladies’ Miss’y Soc., Bbl. for Kittrel,

South Byfield.  By Mrs. George L. Gleason,
  Bbl. for Williamsburg, Ky.

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