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Rev. Arthur Little, D.D., of Illinois, invited the Association to hold its next Annual Meeting with the New England Church in Chicago.  The invitation was accepted by the President in behalf of the Executive Committee.

The report of the Committee on Church Work, and an address, were made by Rev. David Gregg, D.D., of Massachusetts.

Rev. Wm. Hayne Leavell, of Mississippi, made an address on “The Present Necessities of the Negro.”

Recess was taken until 2 P.M.


The Association was called to order by Rev. D.O.  Mears, D.D., a Vice-president, and prayer was offered by Rev. P.B.  Davis, of Massachusetts.

L.C.  Warner, M.D., of New York, presented the report of the Finance Committee.

Secretary Strieby then made the announcement of the gift to the Association of the largest donation ever made to a benevolent society by a living donor, $1,000,894.25, from Mr. Daniel Hand, of Guilford, Ct.  Further statements were made by John H. Washburn, Esq., Chairman of the Executive Committee; and by Rev. D.O.  Mears, D.D.

The doxology was sung, and the following resolution was offered by Samuel Holmes, Esq., Chairman of the Finance Committee, and was adopted by a rising vote.

     Resolved.—­That we recognize the goodness of Almighty God in
    putting it into the heart of Mr. Daniel Hand to make the
    munificent gift of more than one million dollars for the
    education of the colored youth of the South, to be expended under
    the direction of the American Missionary Association.

    We rejoice in the flood of beneficent influence which will flow
    through all the years from this noble source.

We gratefully accept the trust put upon us, promising to use it as a stimulus for increased activity on the part of the Christian Church, and we offer our prayer to the Divine Father, that he may abundantly bless the remaining years of our honored friend with the grace of His Spirit and the joy that follows the accomplishment of the desires of a heart burdened with the love of our suffering and ignorant fellow men.

Prayer was offered by Rev. Thomas A. Emerson, of Clinton, Conn.

The Association then adjourned to the chapel.

The Nominating Committee reported the following list of officers for the ensuing year, and they were unanimously elected.

President, RevWm. M. Taylor, D.D., LL.D., N.Y.


Rev.  A.J.F.  Behrends, D.D., N.Y. 
RevAlex.  MCKENZIE, D.D., Mass. 
Rev.  F.A.  Noble, D.D., Ill. 
Rev.  D.O.  Mears, D.D., Mass. 
RevHenry Hopkins, D.D., Mo.

Corresponding Secretaries.

Rev.  M.E.  Strieby, D.D., 56 Reade Street, N.Y. 
Rev.  A.F.  Beard, D.D., 56 Reade Street, N.Y.

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