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The annual sermon was preached by Rev. Arthur Little, D.D., of Illinois; from Isaiah vi:  1-8.

The sermon was followed by the administration of the Lord’s Supper.  The following named persons officiated at the service; Ministers:—­Rev. Robert W. Wallace, of Massachusetts, and Rev. George F.S.  Savage, D.D., of Illinois; Deacons:—­McAuslan, Pabodie, Olney, Spicer, Barrows and Fuller of Rhode Island, Hubbard of Maine, and Fairbanks of Vermont.

At the close of the Communion, adjournment was taken to Wednesday at 9 A.M.


The prayer-meeting from 8 to 9 o’clock, was led by Rev. Rowland B. Howard, of Massachusetts.  At 9 o’clock the Association was called to order by the President, who conducted the devotional exercises.

The records of the previous day were read and approved,

A paper, on “American Freedmen and African Evangelization,” was read by Secretary M.E.  Strieby, D.D.

A paper, on “The Hopefulness of Indian Missions as Seen in the Light of History,” was read by Secretary A.F.  Beard, D.D.

Voted that the papers read by the Secretaries be referred to the appropriate committees.

The Nominating Committee reported the following special committees who were appointed: 

Committee on the Chinese.—­Rev. S. Gilbert, D.D., of Illinois; Rev. M.M.G.  Dana.  D.D., of Massachusetts; Rev. Geo. A. Tewksbury, of Massachusetts; Rev. F.L.  Ferguson, of Connecticut; Rev. R.W.  Wallace, of Massachusetts.

Committee on the Indians.—­S.B.  Capen, Esq., of Massachusetts; Rev. A.P.  Foster, D.D., of Massachusetts; Rev. John L. Ewell, of Massachusetts, Rev. John E. Tuttle, of Massachusetts.

Committee on Educational Work.—­Rev. Llewellyn Pratt, D.D., of Connecticut; Rev. Julian M. Sturtevant, D.D., of Ohio; Rev. George E. Hall, of New Hampshire; H.D.  Smith, Esq., of Connecticut; Stephen Ballard, Esq., of New York.

A Memorial Service for Rev. James Powell, D.D., late Secretary of the Association, was held.  Addresses were made by Rev. Simeon Gilbert, D.D., of Illinois, Rev. Geo. H. Ide, D.D., of Wisconsin; Secretary M.E.  Strieby, D.D., and President Wm. M. Taylor, D.D.  Rev. A.P.  Foster, D.D., of Massachusetts, led in prayer.

The report of the Committee on Chinese Work, Rev. Simeon Gilbert, D.D., Chairman, was presented, and an address was delivered by Rev. M. McG.  Dana, D.D., of Massachusetts.

An address on “The relations of the A.M.A. to Young People,” was delivered by Rev. J.L.  Hill, of Massachusetts.

Recess was taken to 2 P.M.


The Association was called to order at 2 P.M. by the President.  Rev. P.W.  Lyman, of Massachusetts, offered prayer.

A Paper on “Systematic Spending,” was read by District Secretary C.J.  Ryder.

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