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Potter, Mass.;
Harriett R. Pratt, Mass.; Mrs. Samuel A. Pratt, Mass.; Mrs. Maria B.
Prescott, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Rice, Conn.; Mrs. Robert
Richmond, Mass.; Rev. Augustine Root, Mass.; I.H.  Rowland, Conn.; Mrs.
M.M.  Russegue, Mass.; Mrs. S.H.  Ryder, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. H.W.  Sadd,
Conn.; Mrs. F.A.  Sadd, Conn.; Mrs. G.S.F.  Savage, Ill.; Mrs. C.W. 
Shelton, Conn.; O.L.  Slader, R.I.; Henry D. Smith, Conn.; Rev. Stephen
Smith, Mass.; Eliza Smith, Mass.; Albert K. Smiley, N.Y.; Miss M.W. 
Staples, Mass.; Miss Angelina Stebbins, Mass.; Mrs. E.P.  Stetson,
Mass.; Rev. Edward G. Stone, N.H.; H.A.  Street, Conn.; Mr. and Mrs.
William Swift, Conn.; Rev. C. Terry, Mass.; Rev. G.H.  Tilton, Mass.;
Miss C.E.  Warren, Mass.; Tyler Waters, Mass.; Mrs. Eben Webster, Mass.;
D.W.  Whittlesey, Conn.; Mrs. C.R.  Wilcox, R.I.; Mrs. Randale, Mass.;
Mrs. Winslow, Mass.; Miss C.L.  Wood, Mass.; Charles P. Wood, Mass.;
Rev. F.G.  Woodworth, Miss.

The Nominating Committee was appointed as follows:  Rev. James G. Vose,
D.D., of Massachusetts; Rev. S.L.  Blake, D.D., of Connecticut; Hon.
Franklin Fairbanks, of Vermont; Rev. Henry J. Patrick, of
Massachusetts; C.L.  Mead, Esq., of New York.

The Treasurer, H.W.  Hubbard, Esq., presented his annual report, with schedules and the certificates of the auditors, which was accepted and referred to the Committee on Finance.

Rev. James G. Vose, D.D., of Providence, made an address of welcome, which was responded to by the President.

The Survey of the Field by the Executive Committee was read by Secretary A.F.  Beard, D.D., and was accepted, and the parts were referred to the special committees to be appointed.

The Association, led by Secretary Strieby, united in a concert of prayer with workers in the field.

The Nominating Committee reported the following committees, which were appointed: 

Committee on Business.—­Rev. M. McG.  Dana, D.D., of Massachusetts; E.B.  Monroe, Esq., of Connecticut; Rev. F.F.  Emerson, D.D., of Rhode Island; Rev. P.B.  Davis, of Massachusetts; Rev. John Barstow, of Massachusetts.

Committee on Finance.—­A.L.  Williston, Esq., of Massachusetts; L.C.  Warner, M.D., of New York; Roland Mather, Esq., of Connecticut; S.S.  Marples, Esq., of New York; F.W.  Carpenter, Esq., of Rhode Island.

Committee of Arrangements.—­Rev. J.H.  McIlvaine, D.D., of Rhode Island; G.E.  Luther, Esq., of Rhode Island; John McAuslan, Esq., of Rhode Island; J. G. Parkhurst, Esq., of Rhode Island; Asa Lyman, Esq., of Rhode Island; Z. Williams, Esq., of Rhode Island.

Benediction by the President.


The meeting was called to order at 7,30 P.M.  It was voted that the programme as printed be adopted.  The devotional exercises were conducted by Rev. James L. Hill, of Massachusetts.

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