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Rev. M. McG.  Dana, D.D., of Massachusetts, read the Scriptures and led in prayers.

Rev. Henry A. Hazen, of Massachusetts, was elected Secretary and Rev. James H. Ross, of Massachusetts, Assistant Secretary.

Secretary Beard read the portion of the Constitution relating to life membership and delegates, and the roll of the Association and Visitors was prepared, as follows: 


State Associations.

Rev. C.B.  Curtis, Ala.; Rev. Horace C. Hovey, Conn.; Rev. B.A.  Imes, Tenn.; Rev. S.M.  Newman, D.C.

Local Conferences.

Rev. A.K.  Gleason, Mass.; William P. Hubbard, Me.; Rev. D.E.  Jones,
Conn.; Rev. H.G.  Marshall, Conn.; Rev. B.G.  Northrop, Conn.; Miss L.L. 
Phelps, Me.; Rev. M.C.  Stebbins, Vt.; Rev. Lewis Williams, N.Y.; Mrs.
Lewis Williams, N.Y.

Delegates from the Churches.

Rev. F.D.  Austin, N.H.; Dea.  Edward Autz, R.I.; Horatio Bailey, Mass.;
Rev. John Barstow, Mass.; Edward D. Beach, Conn.; Rev. Wm. H. Beard,
Conn.; Dea.  George T. Beach, Conn.; Rev. Quincy Blakely, N.H.; N.C. 
Boutelle, Mass.; Mrs. Juliet H. Brand, O.; Rev. H.S.  Brown, Conn.; Rev.
Wm. T. Briggs, Mass.; M.A.H.  Brigham, R.I.; Rev. F.L.  Bristol, Mass.;
Frank E. Bundy, Mass.; Mrs. J.I.W.  Burgess, Mass.; Rev. Wolcott
Calkins, Mass.; A.A.  Carr, Mass.; Mrs. Robert Chapman, Conn.; Mrs. Mary
W. Claflin, Ill.; Rev. and Mrs. S.W.  Clarke, Mass.; Rev. Bernard
Copping, Mass.; Leyrand S. Carpenter, Conn.; Rev. Zenas Crowell, Mass.;
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua W. Davis, Mass.; Dea.  Levi S. Deming, Conn.; Rev.
John W. Dodge, Mass.; Rev. R.C.  Drisko, Vt.; Rev. and Mrs. A.J.  Dyer,
Mass.; Rev. Edward O. Dyer, Mass.; Rev. John Elderkin, Conn.; Miss Mary
E.P.  Elderkin, Conn.; Mr. and Mrs. J.D.  Eldredge, Mass.; Rev. F.F. 
Emerson, R.I.; Rev. Thomas A. Emerson, Conn.; Rev. F.L.  Ferguson,
Conn.; Rev. R.H.  Gidman, Conn.; Mrs. N.M.  Goodale, Mass.; Mrs. L.M. 
Gurney, Mass.; Arthur H. Hale, N.H.; Mr. and Mrs. J.S.  Hall, Conn.;
Mrs. S.I.  Hall, Mass.; Rev. Henry E. Hart, Conn.; Rev. J.P.  Harvey,
Mass.; Rev. Wm. H. Haskell, Me.; Rev. and Mrs. R.W.  Haskins, Mass.;
Rev. Henry A. Hazen, Mass.; Miss Helen E. Haynes, Mass.; C.F.  Haywood,
Mass.; Rev. James L. Hill, Mass.; Dea.  Farrington Holbrook, Mass.;
Silas R. Holmes, Conn.; Rev. and Mrs. Palmer S. Hulbert, Mass.; Joseph
W. Hungerford, Conn.; Charles Jewett, Tenn.; Miss Mary K. Keith, Mass.;
L.B.  Kendall, R.I.; Rev. G.N.  Killogg, Conn.; Rev. H.L.  Kelsey, Conn.;
Rev. George S. Kemp, Mass.; James O. Kendall, Mass.; Dea.  A. Kingsbury,
Conn.; Edmund F. Leland, Mass.; Rev. J.R.  McLean, Texas; Russel
Manchester, R.I.; Dea.  George T. Meech, Conn.; Rev. and Mrs. George A.
Miller, Conn.; L.A.  Morgan, Conn.; James A. Morse, N.H.; Rev. Chas. S.
Murkland, N.H.; Dea. and Mrs. B.A.  Nourse, Mass.;

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