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 1:  Preface to the Official Statistical Returns of 1853, page 64.

 2:  ‘La Grece Contemporaine.’

 3:  Etudes Statistiques sur Rome, par le Comte de Tournon.

 4:  A few of them did good service in the cause of liberty, and
    deserved well of their country, in the glorious but unsuccessful
    struggle of 1848, soon about to be renewed, and, let us hope,
    under happier auspices, and with a very different result.

Duke Filippo Lante Montefeltro, Colonel in command of a corps d’ armee of the Roman Volunteers, occupied and held Treviso, whereby he at once assured the retreat of the Roman army, after its defeat at Cornuda on the 9th of May, 1848, by General Nugent, and prevented the advance of the Austrians upon Venice.  The President Manin acknowledged that by his courage and patriotism he had saved Venice, and immediately sent him the commission of a full General.  On the 16th of May, General Nugent arrived before Treviso with 16,000 men, and siege artillery.  He at once summoned the place to surrender, giving General Lante till noon on the following day for consideration.  At four the same evening, Lante sent for reply, “Come this evening.  I shall expect you at six.  We are here to fight, not to surrender!” After threatening the town for some days, Nugent retired from before it, and joined Radetzky.
Duke Bonelli, Captain of Dragoons, was Orderly Officer to General Durando at the capitulation of Vicenza.  Prince Bartolomeo Ruspoli served as a private soldier in the Roman Legion; he was one of the three Commissioners who were sent to the camp of Radetzky to treat for the capitulation of Vicenza.

    Count Antonio Marescotti commanded the 1st Roman regiment of

    Count Bandini, son of a Princess Giustiniani, was also Orderly
    Officer to Durando.

    Count Pianciani commanded the 3d regiment of Roman Volunteers.

    Don Ludovico Lante (a younger brother of Filippo) was Captain in
    the 1st regiment of Roman Volunteers.

    Adriano Borgia quitted the Pope’s Guardia Nobile for a Colonelcy
    of Dragoons, in the service of the Roman Republic:  he was an
    excellent officer.

    Marquis Steffanoni commanded a company of young

 5:  The ordinary British tourist must not look for his portrait in the
    witty Author’s picture.  It is clear that here and elsewhere the
    pilgrims are all assumed to be true sons of the

 6:  An expression in use among collegians in France, to describe those
    students who are unable to pass their examinations; tantamount to
    our English plucked.

 7:  A man who has worn cioccie.

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