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2. To make Metheglin, either Brown or White, but White is best.

Take what quantity you please of Spring-Water, and make it so strong with Honey that it will bear an Egg, then boil it very well, till a good part be wasted, and put in to it boiling a good quantity of whole Spice, Rosemary, Balm, and other cordial and pleasant Herbs or Flowers.

When it is very well boiled, set it to cool, it being strained from the Herbs, and the Bag of Spices taken out;

When it is almost cold, put in a little Yest, and beat it well, then put it into Vessels when it is quite cold, and also the Bag of Spice, and when it hath stood a few days, bottle it up; if you would have it red, you must put the Honey to strong Ale Wort in stead of Water.

3. To make Collar’d Beef.

Take a good Flank of Beef, and lay it in Pump water and Salt, or rather Saltpeter, one day and one night, then take Pepper, Mace, Nutmegs, Ginger, and Cloves, with a little of the Herb called Tarragon, beat your Spice, shred your Tarragon, and mingle these with some Suet beaten small, and strew upon your Beef, and so rowl it up, and tie it hard, and bake it in a pot with Claret Wine and Butter, let the pot be covered close, and something in the pot to keep the Meat down in the Liquor that it may not scorch, set it into the Oven with Houshold bread, and when it is baked, take it out, and let it cool, then hang it up one night in the Chimney before you eat it, and so as long as you please.

Serve it in with Bay Leaves, and eat it with Mustard and Sugar.

4. To make Almond Puddings with French Rolls or Naples Biskets.

Take a Quart of Cream, boil it with whole Spice, then take it from the Fire, and put in three Naples Biskets, or one Penny French Roll sliced thin, and cover it up to scald; when it is cold, put in four Ounces of sweet Almonds blanched, and beaten with Rosewater, the Yolks of eight Eggs, and a little Marrow, with as much Sugar as you think fit, and a little Salt; you may boil it, or bake it, or put it into Skins; if it be boiled or baked, put Sugar on it when you serve it in.

5. To make Barley Cream.

Take two Ounces of French Barley, and boil it in several Waters, then take a quart of Cream, and boil it with whole Spice, put in your Barley, and boil them together very well,

Then put in the yolks of six Eggs well beaten, and as much Sugar as you think fit; stir them well over the fire, then poure it out, and when it is cold serve it in; thus you may make Rice Cream, onely do not boil that, but a very little in Milk, before you put it into the Cream.

6. To make Cheese-cakes.

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