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291. Another sort of Mustard.

Dry your Horse-Radish Roots in an Oven very dry, then beat them to Powder and sift them, and when you would use any, wet it with Wine Vinegar, and so it will rather be better than the other.

292. To keep boiled powdered Beef long after it is boiled.

When your Beef is well powdered, and boiled thorowly, and quite cold, wrap it up close in a linnen cloth, and then a woollen one, and so keep it in a Chest or Box from the Air.

293. To make Clouted Cream.

Take three Gallons of new Milk, set it on the fire, and boil it, then put in two Quarts of Cream, and stir it about for a while over the fire, then pour it out into several pans, and cover it till the next morning, then take it off carefully with a Skimmer, and put it all into one dish one upon another, then eat it with Wine and Sugar.

294. An excellent Damask Powder.

Take of Orrice half a Pound, Rose leaves four Ounces, Cloves one Ounce, Lignum Rhodium two Ounces, Storax one Ounce and an half, Benjamin one Ounce and an half, Musk and Civet of each ten Grains, beat them altogether grosly, save the Rose leaves you must put in afterwards.  This is a very fine Powder to lay among Linnen.

The End of the First Part.




The Queen-like Closet: 

Having an Addition of what hath already been treated of, and directing a very true and excellent way for all manner of COOKERY, both FISH, FLESH, and PASTRY;


The true SEASONING of all Things for Compleat TABLES: 


All Kinds of SAUCES & PICKLES, in a very brevious way.

Here is to be noted, that in divers of these Receipts there are Directions for two or three several Things in one, not confounding the Brains with multitudes of Words, to little or no purpose, or vain Expressions of things with are altogether unknown to the Learned as well as to the Ignorant:  This is really imparted for the good of all the FEMALE SEX.

By Hannah Wolley, alias Chaloner.

London, Printed for R.  Lowndes. 1672


Queen-like CLOSET,


Rich Cabinet.


1. To make Elder Vinegar and to colour it.

Take of your best white Wine Vinegar, and put such a quantity of ripe Elder Berries into it as you shall think fit, in a wide mouth’d Glass, stop it close, and set it in the Sun for about ten days, then pour it out gently into another Glass, and keep it for your use; thus you may make Vinegar of Red Roses, Cowslipps, Gilliflowers, or the like.

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