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Take those which are tenderly boiled and shred them small with Beef-Suet, then put to four Feet one quart of Cream and eight Eggs well beaten, a little Salt, some Rosewater and Sugar, some beaten Spice, and one pound of Currans; mix all these well together, and boil it or bake it; but if you would Butter it, then do not put in Suet.

284. To make a Pudding to rost.

Take a Pint of Cream, scald a little grated Bread in it, then put in three Eggs beaten, a little Flower, Currans, beaten Spice, Suet, Sugar and Salt, with some Beef Suet finely shred, make it pretty stiff, and wrap it in a Lambs Caul, and rost it on a Spit with a Loin of Lamb; if you please, you may put in a little Rosewater.

285. To make Cream of divers things.

Take a Quart of Cream and boil it a while, then put in eight yolks of Eggs, and six Whites well beaten, put them in over the Fire, and stir them lest they turn, then when it is almost enough, put in some Candied Eringo Root, Orange or Limon Pill Candied, and cut thin, preserved Plums, without the Stones, Quince, Pippin, Cherries, or the like; if you do not like it so thick, put fewer Eggs into it.

286. To make Cream of Artichoke Bottoms.

Take a Quart of Cream and boil it with a little whole Mace a while; then have your Artichoke Bottoms boiled very tender, and bruise them well in a Mortar, then put them into the Cream, and boil them a while, then put in so many yolks of Eggs as you think fit, and sweeten it to your taste; when you think it is enough, pour it out, and serve it in cold.

287. To pickle Barberries.

Take your Barberries and pick out the fairest Bunches of them, then take the Refuse, and with some Water and Salt, so strong as will bear an Egg, boil them together for half an hour or more, then lay your fair Bunches into a Pot, and when the Liquor is cold, pour it over them.

288. To pickle French Beans.

Take them before they be too old, and boil them tender, then put them into a pickle made with Vinegar and Salt, and so keep them; it is a very good and pleasant Sallad.

289. To pickle Oysters.

Take your great Oysters, and in opening them save the Liquor, then strain it from dross, add to it some White Wine, and White Wine Vinegar, and a little Salt, and so let them boil together a while, putting in whole Mace, whole Cloves, whole Pepper, sliced Ginger, and quartered Nutmegs, with a few Bay leaves; when the Liquor is boiled almost enough, put in your Oysters and plump them, then lay them out to cool, then put them into a Gally-pot or Barrel, and when the Liquor is cool, pour it over them, and keep them from the Air.

290. To make the best sort of Mustard.

Dry your Seed very well, then beat it by little and little at a time in a Mortar, and sift it, then put the Powder into a Gally-pot, and wet it with Vinegar very well, then put in a whole Onion, pilled but not cut, a little Pepper beaten, a little Salt, and a lump of stone Sugar.

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