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very long; for it comforteth Nature very much; with this water Dr. Chambers preserved his own life till extreme Age would suffer him neither to go nor stand one whit, and he continued five years after all Physicians judged he could not live; and he confessed that when he was sick at any time, he never used any other Remedy but this Water, and wished his Friends when he lay upon his Deth-Bed to make use of it for the preservation of their Health.

4. To Make Spirit of Mints.

Take three Pints of the best white Wine, three handfuls of right Spear mint picked clean from the stalks, let it steep in the wine one night covered, in the morning, put it into a Copper Alembeck, and draw it with a pretty quick fire; and when you have drawn it all, take all your Water and add as much Wine as before, and put to the Water, and the same quantity of Mint as before; let it steep two or three hours, then put all into your Still, and draw it with a soft fire, put into your Receiver a quantity of Loaf Sugar, and you will find it very excellent; you may distil it in an ordinary Still if you please; but then it will not be so strong nor effectual.

Thus you may do with any other Herbs whatsoever.

5. To make the Cordial Orange-Water.

Take one dozen and a half of the highest coloured and thick rin’d Oranges, slice them thin, and put them into two Pints of Malago Sack, and one Pint of the best Brandy, of Cinamon, Nutmegs, Ginger, Cloves, and Mace, of each one quarter of an Ounce bruised, of Spear-mint and Balm one handful of each, put them into an ordinary Still all night, pasted up with Rye Paste; the next day draw them with a slow fire, and keep a wet Cloth upon the Neck of the Still; put in some Loaf Sugar into the Glass where it dropeth.

6. To make Spirit of Oranges or of Limons.

Take of the thickest rin’d Oranges or Limons, and chip off the Rinds very thin, put these Chips into a Glass-bottle, and put in as many as the Glass will hold, then put in as much Malago Sack as the Glass will hold besides; stop the bottle close that no Air get in, and when you use it, take about half a spoonful in a Glass of Sack; it is very good for the Wind in the Stomach.

7. To make Limon Water.

Take twelve of the fairest Limons, slice them, and put them into two Pints of white Wine, and put to them of Cinamon and Galingale, of each, one quarter of an Ounce, of Red Rose Leaves, Burrage and Bugloss Flowers, of each one handful, of yellow Sanders one Dram, steep all these together 12 hours, then distil them gently in a Glass Still, put into the Glass where it droppeth, three Ounces of Sugar, and one Grain of Amber-Greece.

8. A Water for fainting of the Heart.

Take of Bugloss water and Red Rose Water, of each one Pint, of Red Cows milk half a Pint, Anni-seed and Cinamon of each half an Ounce bruised, Maiden hair two handfuls, Harts-tongue one handful, bruise them, and mix all these together, and distil them in an ordinary Still, drink of it Morning and Evening with a little Sugar.

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