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I shall not give an Apish Example every Day or Week to follow ridiculous and foolish Fancies, nor could I be too like the Spaniard, always to keep in one Dress:  I am not ashamed, nor do I disown what I have already Printed, but some of you being so perfect in your practises, and I very desirous still to serve you, do now present you with this Queen-like Closet:  I do assure you it is worthy of the Title it bears, for the very precious things you will find in it.

Thus beseeching your kind Acceptance of this Book, and of my earnest Desires to you, I take my Leave, but shall always be to all who have esteem for me,

Their Faithful and

Humble Servant,


Ladies, I do here present you (yet) That which sure will well content A Queen-like Closet rich and brave (Such) not many Ladies have:  Or Cabinet, in which doth set Jems richer than in Karkanet; (They) only Eies and Fancies please, These keep your Bodies in good ease; They please the Taste, also the Eye; Would I might be a stander by:  Yet rather I would wish to eat, Since ’bout them I my Brains do beat:  And ’tis but reason you may say, If that I come within your way; I sit here sad while you are merry, Eating Dainties, drinking Perry; But I’m content you should so feed, So I may have to serve my deed.

Hannah Wolley.

These things following are sold by Richard Lowndes Book-seller, at the White-Lion in Duck-Lane near West-Smithfield.

A Cordial Powder, which doth infallibly Cure the Rickets in Children, and causeth an easie production of Teeth.

Dr. Lionel Lockyer’s Universal Pill, curing any Disease curable by Physick; it operates gently and safely, it being very amicable to Nature in purifying the whole Body throughout, and then subduing all Diseases, whether internal or external, as hath been experimented by persons of all sorts and sexes, both young and old, with admirable success.

Mr. Matthew his Diaphoretick and Diuretick Pill, purging by Sweat and Urine:  This Pill being composed of Simples of a very powerful operation, purged from their churlish and malignant quality by an excellent Balsam of long preparation, is by it made so amicable to Nature, that it hath upon ample experience been found effectual for curing all common Diseases.

Mr. Edmund Buckworth’s famous Lozenges, for the Cure of Consumptions, Catarrhs, Asthma’s, Phtisick, and all other Diseases incident to the Lungs, Colds new and old, Hoarsness, Shortness of Breath, and Stuffings of the Stomach; also a sovereign Antidote against the Plague, and all other contagious Diseases.

The famous Spirit of Salt of the World, well known for a sovereign Remedy against most Diseases; Truly and only prepared by Constantine Rhodocanaces, Grecian, one of His Majesties Chymists.

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