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Rock of Sweet Meats. 309


Souced Veal. 169

Sauce for Mutton. 273

Summer Dish. 175

Souced Pig. 178

Several Sallads. 183

Several Sallads. ib.

Soles dressed very fine. 186

Spinage Tart. 184

Stewed Fish. ib.

Spanish Pap. 190

Sallad of cold Meat. 193

Sheeps Tongues with Oysters. ib.

Scotch Collops. 200

Shoulder of Venison, or Shoulder of Mutton
  rosted in Blood. 204

Stewed Pig. ib.

Steak Pie with Puddings. 205

Salmon dressed by Infusion. 206

Stewed Carps in blood. 209

Stump pie. 216

Sauce for Fowl. 232

Sorrel Sallad. 234

Sallad cold. ib.

Sauce for Veal. 235

Sauce for a Leg of Mutton.

Souced Fish.

Swan baked.

Small Birds baked.

Stewed Pudding.

Sussex Pudding.

Sausages boiled.

Shell-fish fryed.

Steak Pie.

Shoulder of Venison rosted.

Sallads boiled.

Shoulder of Veal boiled.

Stewed Broth good.

Sallad of Salmon.

Shoulder of Mutton with Oysters.

Stewed Artichokes.

Sauce for Fowl.

Sauce for Partridges.

Sauce for Quails.

Salmon Pie.

Shaking Pudding.

Stone Cream.

Snow Cream.

Sussex Pancake.

Snow and Ice.

Sallad in Winter.

Sallad in Winter.

Sorrel Sops.


To boil a Teal or Wigeon. 240

Turkey baked. 245

Trouts stewed. 267

Toasts of Veal fried. 282

Tarts of several Sweet-meats. 302

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