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Pudding of Manchet. 201

Pompion Pie. 208

Pompion fryed. ib.

Pike rosted and larded. 221

Pomander very fine. 224

Pompion Pie. 227

Pickled Sprats. 223

Pasty of Ling. 229

Pallat Pie. 231

Pippin Pie. 235

Pasties to fry. 236

Pigeons boiled with Rice. 239

Pigeons boiled with Gooseberries. ib.

Pippin Tart. 244

Pancakes crisp. 247

Pudding of Goose Bloud. 249

Pudding of Liver. 250

Pigeons boiled with Capers and Samphire. 260

Partridges boiled. 266

Pike boiled with Oysters. 268

Pig rosted with a Pudding in his Belly. 269

Pippins stewed. 277

Pig rosted without the skin with a Pudding in
  his Belly. 281

Pancakes very good. 283

Paste very good. 294

Paste to raise.  Ib.

Paste for baked Meat to eat cold.

Pie of Veal.

Pie of Shrimps or Prawns.

Pie of rosted Kidney.

Potato Pie.

Pig Pie.

Pork Pie.

Pudding of French Barlie.

Pomander very fine.

Pudding of wine.

Pudding of Hogs Lights.

Posset Pie.

Pippins dried.

Poached Eggs.

Pippin Paste.

Pippins stewed.


Quodling Cream.

Quinces to look white.

Quince Pie very good.


Rump of Beef boiled.

Rolls for Noble Tables.

Rolls very short.

Rasberry Tarts.

Rabbets with Sausages.

Rice Cream.

Rabbet boiled.

Rice Pudding.

Rabbet boiled with Grapes. 258

Rabbet boiled with Claret. ib.

Red Deer Pie. 291

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