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Barly Cream. 162

Barly Broth without Meat. 188

Barly Broth with Meat. 188

Balls to take out Stains. 228

Broth of a Lambs Head. 225

Beef-Pie very good. 244

Blanched Manchet. 247

Bullocks cheek baked to eat hot. 299

Bullocks cheek baked to eat cold. ib.

Bacon Froize. 300


Cheesecakes. 163

Cheesecakes. 164

Chicken Pie. 168

Collar of Brawn. 169

Capon boiled. 171

Cracknels. 172

Codling cream. 174

Cheese very stood. 175

Cucumbers boiled. 182

Collops of Bacon and Eggs. 187

Cabbage Pottage. 192

Capon with white Broth. 195

Calves foot Pie. ib.

Carp Pie. 198

Calves head Pie. 201

Calves chaldron Pie with Puddings in it. 207

Coleflower pickled. 210

Cheese Loaves. 213

Custards very fine. 216

Cods head boiled. 222

Chicken Pie. 226

Capon boiled. 236

Chickens boiled with Goosberries. 241

Chickens baked with Grapes. 243

Capon baked. 245

Cambridge Pudding. 249

Chiveridge Pudding. 250

Calves Tongue hashed. 255

Capon boiled.  Ib.

Capon boiled with Rice. 256

Capon boiled with Pippins.  Ib.

Chickens boiled with Lettuce. 257

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