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Set your Plates fast, then fill every one with several sorts of Fruits, and the biggest sort in the middle, you must lay them in very good order, and pile them up till one more will not lie; then stick them with little green Sprigs and fine Flowers, such as you fancy best; then serve in another such Salver, with Plates piled up with all manner of Sweet-meats, the wet Sweet-meats round about and the dry in the middle, your wet Sweet-meats must be in little glasses that you may set the more on, and between every two glasses another above the first of all, and one on the top of them all; you must put of all sorts of dryed Sweet-meats in the middle Plate, first your biggest and then your lesser, till you can lay no more; then stick them all with Flowers and serve them:  And in the Bason of Water you send in to wash the Hands or Fingers of Noble Persons, you must put in some Orange Flower Water, which is very rare and very pleasant.

In Winter you must alter, as to the season, but serve all in this manner; and then dryed Fruits will also be very acceptable; as dryed Pears and Pippins, Candied Oranges and Limons, Citrons and Eringoes, Blanched Almonds, Prunelles, Figs, Raisins, Pistachoes and Blanched Walnuts.


The CONTENTS of the First Part.


Artichoke Cream. 152

Almond Pudding. 147

Almond Pudding. 144

Artichokes kept. 141

Almond Jelly white. 140

Almond Paste. 126

Almond Butter. 120

Apricocks dried. 116

Apricocks in Lumps. 115

Apricocks dried clear. 109

Almond Bread. 104

Almond Milk.  Ib.

Angelica Candied. 98

Apricocks preserved. 94

Almond Bakes. 88

Almonds candied. 85

Almond Butter white. 67

Artificial Walnuts. 57

Almond Ginger-Bread. 59

Ale to drink speedily. 42

Ale very rare. 41

Aqua Mirabilis. 1


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