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Another Bill of Fare for Winter Season.

1.  A Collar of Brawn.

2.  A Capon and White Broth.

3.  A boiled Gurnet.

4.  A Dish of boiled Ducks or Rabbits.

5.  A rosted Tongue and Udder.

6.  A made Dish in Puff-Paste.

7.  A Shoulder of Mutton with Oysters.

8.  A Chine of Beef.

9.  A Dish of Scotch Collops of Veal.

10.  Two Geese in a Dish.

11.  An Olive Pie.

12.  A Pig.

13.  A Loin of Veal.

14.  A Lark Pie.

15.  A Venison Pasty.

16.  A Dish of Capons, two in a Dish or three.

17.  A Dish of Set Custards.

The Second Course.

1.  Young Lamb cut in Joints, three Joints in a Dish Larded.

2.  A couple of Fat Rabbets.

3.  A Kickshaw fried or baked.

4.  A Dish of rofted Mallards.

5.  A Leash of Partridges.

6.  A Pigeon Pie.

7.  Four Woodcocks in a Dish.

8.  A Dish of Teal, four or six.

9.  A cold baked Meat.

10.  A good Dish of Plover.

11.  Twelve Snites in a Dish.

12.  Two Dozen of Larks in a Dish.

13.  Another cold baked Meat.

The Third Course.

1.  An Oister Pie hot.

2.  A Dish of fried Puffs.

3.  Three or four dried Neats Tongues.

4.  A Joll of Sturgeon.

5.  Laid Tarts in Puff-paste.

6.  Pickled Oisters.

7.  A Dish of Anchovies and Caveare.

8.  A Warden Pie or Quince Pie.

Note, That when your last Course is ended, you must serve in your Meat-Jellies, your Cheeses of several sorts, and your Sweet-meats.

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A Bill of Fare for lesser Feasts.

1.  An Almond Pudding boiled or baked.

2.  A Dish of boiled Pigeons with Bacon.

3.  A Leg of Mutton, boiled with good Sauce, or a leg of Pork.

4.  A Dish of rosted Olives of Veal.

5.  A Dish of Collops and Eggs.

6.A piece of rosted Beef.

7.  A Dish of Scotch Collops.

8.  A Loin of Veal.

9.  A fat Pig rosted.

10.  Two Turkies in a Dish.

11.  A Venison Pasty.

12.  A Dish of Pheasants or Partridges.

13.  A Dish of Custards in little China Pots.

The Second Course.

1.  Three or four Joints of Lamb rosted asunder, though never so small.

2.  A Couple of Rabbits.

3.  A Dish of Mallard, Teal or Widgeon.

4.  A Leash of Partridges or Woodcocks.

5.  A Pigeon Pie.

6.  A Dish of Plovers or Snites.

7.  A Dish of fat Chickens rosted.

8.  A Warden or Quince Pie.

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