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then from thence in another Glass below, with Spouts also, and from thence it hath a Conveyance into a Glass below that, somewhat in form like a Sillibub Pot, where the Wine may be drunk out at the Spout; you may put some Eringo Roots, and being coloured, they will shew very well among the other Sweet-Meats, tie your Basket about with several sorts of small Ribbons:  Do not take this for a simple Fancy, for I assure you, it is the very same that I taught to a young Gentlewoman to give for a Present to a Person of Quality.


Courteous Reader,

I Think it not amiss, since I have given you, as I think, a very full Direction for all kinds of Food both for Nourishment and Pleasure, that I do shew also how to eat them in good order; for there is a Time and Season for all things:  Besides, there is not anything well done which hath not a Rule, I shall therefore give you several Bills of Service for Meals according to the Season of the Year, so that you may with ease form up a Dinner in your Mind quickly; afterwards I shall speak of ordering of Banquets; but these things first, because Banquets are most proper after Meals.

All you who are knowing already and Vers’d in such things, I beseech you to take it only as a_ Memorandum; and to those who are yet unlearned, I presume they will reap some Benefit by these Directions; which is truly wished and desired by

Hanna Woolley alias Chaloner.

* * * * *

A Bill of Service for extraordinary Feasts in the Summer.

1.  A Grand Sallad.

2.  A boiled Capon or Chickens.

3.  A boiled Pike or Bream.

4.  A Florentine in Puff Paste.

5.  A Haunch of Venison rosted.

6.  A Lomber Pie.

7.  A Dish of Green Geese.

8.  A Fat Pig with a Pudding in the belly.

9.  A Venison Pasty.

10.  A Chicken Pie.

11.  A Dish of young Turkeys.

12.  A Potato Pie.

13.  A couple of Caponets.

14.  A Set Custard.

The Second Course

1.  A Dish of Chickens rosted.

2.  Souced Conger or Trouts.

3.  An Artichoke Pie.

4.  A Cold Baked Meat.

5.  A Souced Pig.

6.  A Dish of Partridges.

7.  An Oringado Pie.

8.  A Dish of Quails.

9.  Another cold Baked Meat.

10.  Fresh Salmon.

11.  A Dish of Tarts.

12.  A Joll of Sturgeon.

The Third Course.

1.  Dish of fried Perches.

2.  A Dish of Green Pease.

3.  A Dish of Artichokes.

4.  A Dish of Lobsters.

5.  A Dish of Prawns or Shrimps.

6.  A Dish of Anchovies.

7.  A Dish of pickled Oysters.

8.  Two or three dried Tongues.

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