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“I’m minding my own affairs and not meddling with things that don’t concern me, as seems to be the way out in the Great World you are so fond of talking about,” retorted Grandfather Frog.  “Wise people know enough to be content with what they have.  You’ve been out in the Great World ever since you could hop, and what good has it done you?  Tell me that!  You haven’t even a decent suit of clothes to your back.”  Grandfather Frog patted his white and yellow waistcoat as he spoke and looked admiringly at the reflection of his handsome green coat in the Smiling Pool.

Old Mr. Toad’s eyes snapped, for you know his suit is very plain and rough.

“People who do honest work for their living have no time to sit about in fine clothes admiring themselves,” he replied sharply.  “I’ve learned this much out in the Great World, that lazy people come to no good end, and I know enough not to choke myself to death.”

Grandfather Frog almost choked again, he was so angry.  You see old Mr. Toad’s remarks were very personal, and nobody likes personal remarks when they are unpleasant, especially if they happen to be true.  Grandfather Frog was trying his best to think of something sharp to say in reply, when Mr. Redwing, sitting in the top of the big hickory-tree, shouted:  “Here comes Farmer Brown’s boy!”

Grandfather Frog forgot his anger and began to look anxious.  He moved about uneasily on his big green lily-pad and got ready to dive into the Smiling Pool, for he was afraid that Farmer Brown’s boy had a pocketful of stones as he usually did have when he came over to the Smiling Pool.

Old Mr. Toad didn’t look troubled the least bit.  He didn’t even look around for a hiding-place.  He just sat still and grinned.

“You’d better watch out, or you’ll never visit the Smiling Pool again,” called Grandfather Frog.

“Oh,” replied old Mr. Toad, “I’m not afraid.  Farmer Brown’s boy is a friend of mine.  I help him in his garden.  How to make friends is one of the things the Great World has taught me.”

“Chugarum!” said Grandfather Frog.  “I’d have you to know that—­”

But what it was that he was to know old Mr. Toad never found out, for just then Grandfather Frog caught sight of Farmer Brown’s boy and without waiting even to say good-by he dived into the Smiling Pool.



Grandfather Frog looked very solemn as he sat on his big green lily-pad in the Smiling Pool.  He looked very much as if he had something on his mind.  A foolish green fly actually brushed Grandfather Frog’s nose and he didn’t even notice it.  The fact is he did have something on his mind.  It had been there ever since his cousin, old Mr. Toad, had called the day before and they had quarreled as usual over the question whether it was best never to leave home or to go out into the Great World.

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