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You see, it was this way:  Grandfather Frog (of course he wasn’t grandfather then) loved the Smiling Pool so well that he couldn’t think of leaving it.  He heard all about the Great World and what a wonderful place it was, but he couldn’t and wouldn’t believe that there could be any nicer place than the Smiling Pool, and so he made up his mind that he would live there always.

But Mr. Toad could hardly wait to get rid of his tail before turning his back on the Smiling Pool and starting out to see the Great World.  Nothing that Grandfather Frog could say would stop him, and away Mr. Toad went, when he was so small that he could hide under a clover leaf.  Grandfather Frog didn’t expect ever to see him again.  But he did, though it wasn’t for a long, long time.  And when he did come back, he had grown so that Grandfather Frog hardly knew him at first.  And right then and there began a dispute which they have kept up ever since:  whether it was best to go out into the Great World or remain in the home of childhood.  Each was sure that what he had done was best, and each is sure of it to this day.

So whenever old Mr. Toad visits Grandfather Frog, as he does every once in a while, they are sure to argue and argue on this same old subject.  It was so on the day that Grandfather Frog had so nearly choked to death.  Old Mr. Toad had heard about it from one of the Merry Little Breezes of Old Mother West Wind and right away had started for the Smiling Pool to pay his respects to Grandfather Frog, and to tell him how glad he was that Spotty the Turtle had come along just in time to pull the fish out of Grandfather Frog’s throat.

Now all day long Grandfather Frog had had to listen to unpleasant remarks about his greediness.  It was such a splendid chance to tease him that everybody around the Smiling Pool took advantage of it.  Grandfather Frog took it good-naturedly at first, but after a while it made him cross, and by the time his cousin, old Mr. Toad, arrived, he was sulky and just grunted when Mr. Toad told him how glad he was to find Grandfather Frog quite recovered.

Old Mr. Toad pretended not to notice how out of sorts Grandfather Frog was but kept right on talking.

“If you had been out in the Great World as much as I have been, you would have known that Little Joe Otter wasn’t giving you that fish for nothing,” said he.

Grandfather Frog swelled right out with anger.  “Chugarum!” he exclaimed in his deepest, gruffest voice.  “Chugarum!  Go back to your Great World and learn to mind your own affairs, Mr. Toad.”

Right away old Mr. Toad began to swell with anger too.  For a whole minute he glared at Grandfather Frog, so indignant he couldn’t find his tongue.  When he did find it, he said some very unpleasant things, and right away they began to dispute.

“What good are you to anybody but yourself, never seeing anything of the Great World and not knowing anything about what is going on or what other people are doing?” asked old Mr. Toad.

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