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to himself personally....
DON JUAN.  Every idea for which Man will die will be a Catholic idea.  When the Spaniard learns at last that he is no better than the Saracen, and his prophet no better than Mahomet, he will arise, more Catholic than ever, and die on a barricade across the filthy slum he starves in, for universal liberty and equality.

    THE STATUE.  Bosh!

DON JUAN.  What you call bosh is the only thing men dare die for.  Later on, Liberty will not be Catholic enough:  men will die for human perfection, to which they will sacrifice all their liberty gladly.

    BERNARD SHAW, Man and Superman.


The Polar Party. Depots.

SCOTT One Ton [79 deg. 29’]. 
WILSON Upper Barrier or Mount Hooper [80 deg. 32’]. 
BOWERS Middle Barrier [81 deg. 35’]. 
OATES Lower Barrier [82 deg. 47’]. 
Seaman EVANS Shambles Camp [N. of Gateway]. 
                                  Lower Glacier [S. of Gateway]. 
                                  Middle Glacier [Cloudmaker]. 
                                  Upper Glacier [Mt.  Darwin]. 
                                  Three Degree [86 deg. 56’].
                                  11/2 Degree [88 deg. 29’]. 
                                  Last Depot [89 deg. 32’].

Scott returned from the Discovery Expedition impressed by the value of youth in polar work; but the five who went forward from 87 deg. 32’ were all grown men, chosen from a body which was largely recruited on a basis of youth.  Four of them were men who were accustomed to take responsibility and to lead others.  Four of them had wide sledging experience and were accustomed to cold temperatures.  They were none of them likely to get flurried in emergency, to panic under any circumstances, or to wear themselves out by loss of nervous control.  Scott and Wilson were the most highly strung of the party:  I believe that the anxiety which Scott suffered served as a stimulus against mental monotony rather than as a drain upon his energy.  Scott was 43, Wilson 39, Evans 37, Oates 32, and Bowers 28 years old.  Bowers was exceptionally old for his age.

In the event of one man crocking a five-man party may be better able to cope with the situation, but with this doubtful exception Scott had nothing to gain and a good deal to lose by taking an extra man to the Pole.  That he did so means, I think, that he considered his position a very good one at this time.  He was anxious to take as many men with him as possible.  I have an impression that he wanted the army represented as well as the navy.  Be that as it may, he took five men:  he decided to take the extra man at the last moment, and in doing

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