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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 30 pages of information about MacMillan & Co.'s General Catalogue of Works in the Departments of History, Biography, Travels, and Belles Lettres, December, 1869.

Contents ========

Section I—­history, biography, and travels
   Baker (Sir Samuel W.). 
   R. Dudley, M.A. 
   Bright (John, M.P.)
   French (George Russell)
   Gladstone (Right.  Hon. W.E., M.P.)
   Guizot—­(Author of “John Halifax, Gentleman.”)
   Kingsley (Canon)
   Macmillan (Rev. Hugh)
   Masson (Professor)
   Morley (John)
   Palgrave (W.G.)
   Parkes (Henry)
   Robinson (Crabb)
   Rogers (James E. Thorold)
   Smith (Professor Goldwin)
   Taylor (Rev. Isaac)
   Trench (Archbishop)
   Trench (Mrs. R)
   Trench (Capt.  F., F.R.G.S.)
   Trevelyan (G.O., M.P.)
   Vaughan (late Rev. Dr. Robert, of the British Quarterly)
   Ward (Professor)
   Wilson (Daniel, LL.D.). 
Section II. 
   Arnold (Matthew). 
   Barnes (Rev. W.). 
   Clough (Arthur Hugh). 
   De Vere
   Doyle (Sir F.H.). 
   Kingsley (Canon). 
   Kingsley (Henry). 
   Masson (Professor). 
   Mistral (F.). 
   Myers (Ernest). 
   Myers (F.W.H.)
   Palgrave (Francis T.). 
   Rossetti (W.M.). 
   Shairp (Principal). 
   Smith (Rev. Walter). 
   Stratford de Redcliffe (Viscount). 
   Vittoria Colonna
Globe editions
   Morte D’Arthur
   Robinson Crusoe
Golden treasury series
   The Golden treasury of the best songs and lyrical poems in the English
   The children’s Garland from the best poets
   The book of praise
   The fairy book;
   the ballad book
   The jest book
   Bacon’s essays and colours of good and evil
   The pilgrim’s progress
   the Sunday book of

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