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One pointing, two moving, four changing. 

    The head points, the ears move, the legs change position.


Nu mat-tut-lud ay atanang udde; nu mat-tadag ay ibbafa. 
    (Gad.) Atu

If he sits down he is high; if he stands up he is low. 


Adda maysa nga parsua ni Apo Dios nga adda uppat a sacana, ipusna
quen maysa nga ulona nga aoan ti imana. 
    (Iloc.) Caballo

There is one creature of our Lord God which has four legs and a tail
and one head; but it has no arms. 


Carga nang carga ay ualang upa. 
    (Tag.) Babuy

Always working and no pay. 
    The pig

    He is ever eating garbage and waste.


Eto na si “Nuno,” may sunong na guinto. 
    (Tag.) Babuy

Here comes “Nuno” with gold on his head. 

    The pig is a constant scavenger and frequents the space below
    latrines and privies; it is a common thing that his snout is
    yellow as result of his search.


Magmagna ni inam sangsangitam. 
    (Iloc.) Burias

While the mother is walking the child is crying. 
    A little pig


Adda maysa nga lacay gomogoyod ti oay. 
    (Iloc.) Bao

There is an old man, who always drags rattan. 

    i.e. his tail.


Kahoy cong Marigundong, na sangay ualang dahon. 
    (Tag.) Sungay

My tree in Marigundong (town in Cavite) has branches but no leaves. 

    The branching horn of a deer.


Maco ca quian, yacu naman ing quian. 
    (Pamp.) Ding bitis daring animal a tiapat a bitis nung
    lalacad ya.

Away! let me have your place. 
    The forward legs of an animal

    The hind feet tread in the prints of the forefeet.



Nang hataken co ang baging nagkagulo ang matsing. 
    (Tag.) Batingao

When I pulled the vine the monkeys came around. 


Tinugtog co ang bangca nagsilapit ang isda. 
    (Tag.) Campana sa misa

I rang the banca and the fishes came.  Bell

    Banca is the canoe or boat; to strike it as with the pole is to
    ring it.  People called to mass by the ringing bell are likened
    to fishes.


Togtoquec ti teppang agarayat ti bagsang
    (Iloc.) Campana

I strike upon the washout and the bagsang come for help. 

    The curved side of the bell is compared to a washed out slope or
    curve of the bank; the bagsang are small fishes; the bell is
    the church bell—­the little fishes are the people.

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