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Frederick Starr.

September, 1909.


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Animals:  mammals.


Ania iti pinarsua iti Dios a balin suec a maturog? 
    (Iloc.) Panniqui

What thing that God made sleeps with its head down? 


Pantas ca man, at marunong bumasa at sumulat, aling ibon dito sa
mundo ang lumilipad ay sumususo ang anak? 
    (Tag.) Kabag

Although you are wise and know how to read and write, which bird in
this world flies and yet suckles its young? 


Uppat iti adiguina, maysa iti baotna, dua iti paypayna, dua iti boneng. 
    (Iloc.) Carabao

Four posts, one whip, two fans, and two bolos. 


Apat na tukod langit at isang pang hagupit. 
    (Tag.) Kalabao

Four earth posts, two air posts and whip. 


Saquey so torutoro duaray quepay-quepay a patiray mansobsoblay. 
    (Pang.) Dueg

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