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There is a horse; he has three legs; if you do not ride on him,
he never walks. 
    Copra shredder


Limma ac ed Dagupan dugduaray bacatco. 
    (Pang.) Sali

I went to Dagupan but I left only two footprints. 


Aniat aramid a duduat tugaona inganat panacaparsuana? 
    (Iloc.) Pasagad

What work has two seats since its creation? 


Ania ti uppat ti sacana dudua ti tugotna? 
    (Iloc.) Pasagad

What has four feet but only two foot-prints? 

    The sled for hauling rice has four supports or legs, which end
    in two runners.


Pusepusec ti pengan tum-bog carayan Vigan. 
    (Iloc.) Dadapilan

I turn the plate and water flows out like the Vigan River. 


Oalay baboy con baleg son laben nga libngaleb. 
    (Pang.) Darapitan

I have a large pig; during the night he grunts. 



Tite nang ama mo, isinubsob co sa abo. 
    (Tag.) Camote

Your father’s ——­ I place in the ashes. 

    The camote is a sort of sweet potato; it may be baked in
    the ashes.


Nagsabong ti sinan malucong nagbunga uneg ti daga. 
    (Iloc.) Camote

It produces a flower like a cup; fruit underground. 


Sirad mirabilis oalad dalem so sicsic. 
    (Pang.) Cete

The mirabilis (fish) has his scales inside.

    The cete ("piquante”) is the pepper.


Otin nen laquic Duardo batil ya anga ed ngoro. 
    (Pang.) Palia

My grandfather Eduardo’s ——­ is covered with pimples. 


Oquis nan bagasnan. 
    (Iloc.) Lasona

Its bark is its seed. 


Binili ang isang minithi kong bagay at ang hinahangad ay pakina-bangan,
pagdating sa amin ang pinangyarihan, nang gagamitin luha koy bumakal. 
    (Tag.) Sibuyas

I bought a thing I wished to use; when I tried to use it my tears fell.  Onion


Isda co sa Mariveles sapin-sapin ang caliskis. 
    (Tag.) Sile

My fish in Mariveles has manifold scales. 

    Scales laid upon one another; the seeds of the pepper are flat
    and stacked against one another.


Mahanghang hindi naman paminta; maputi hindi naman papel; verde hindi
naman suha; turang mong bigla. 
    (Tag.) Rabanos

It is sharp but not pepper; white but not paper; green but not
shaddock; guess what that is. 

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