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Isang malaking babai, sa likuran tumatae. 
    (Tag.) Guilingan

A big woman, who excretes at the back. 

    The meal is here considered as excreted.


Dinalas nang dinalas mapute ang lumabas. 
    (Tag.) Guilingan

Somebody got busy and something white appeared.  Mill

    The ground rice pours out from the mill as a white meal.


Aldo at bengi macanganga ya, manena ya yang parusa. 
    (Pamp.) Asung

It gapes day and night awaiting punishment. 


Isa lamang ang sapin, duha ang batiis apat ang pa-a, isa ang lauas,
isa ang baba apang uala sing olo. 
    (Bis.) Luzong

He has but one shoe, two shins, four legs, one body, one mouth,
but no head. 


No igamac ta siquet mo lagtoca a lagto. 
    (Iloc.) Al-o

If I hold your waist you jump and jump. 

    In pounding rice, the great wooden pestle is taken by the middle,
    which is more slender than the pounding ends.


No magna ni arodoc agparintomeng amin a root. 
    (Iloc.) Arado

When the creeper passes all the grass kneels.  Plow


Cobbo ni amam quiad ni inam sica nga anacda daramodum ca. 
    (Iloc.) Arado

The father is bent over, the mother is bent back and the son is
bent forward. 

    This has reference to the different sticks, or pieces, of which
    the plow is composed.


Sa palacol nabuhay
at sa untog namatay. 
    (Tag.) Palayoc

Produced by hammering but destroyed by a jar. 

    Clay for pottery is prepared by pounding it with a light hammer;
    it is also beaten into shape in the process of giving it form.


Pegarenco abot pegarenco abot. 
    (Pang.) Liquen

I turn over completely, I turn over completely. 
    Pot ring support


Adda abal-balayco a pusipusac a pusipus mabalbal-cut. 
    (Iloc.) Pudonan

I have a thing, which I twine and twine and it is covered.  Weaving spool


Nano nga sapat nga baba ang naga caon, mata ang nga pamus-on? 
    (Bis.) Ayagan

What animal is it, which takes its food through its mouth and excretes
it through its eyes? 


Bahay ni Guiring-guiring butas-butas ang sinding. 
    (Tag.) Bithay

“Guiring-guiring’s” house is full of holes. 


Adda maysa a caballo; tal-lot sacana; no dica sacayan di magna. 
    (Iloc.) Egad

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