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I turn your navel to take out what you have eaten. 


Adda pay maysa nga quita diay balay a naaramid iti cayo quet adda met uppat nga sacana nga babasit quet adda met innem nga acaba quencuana rupano quet agngiao saan nga magna. 
    (Iloc.) Baol

I have something in my house made of wood; it has four short legs
and six flat faces; it squeaks, but cannot walk. 



No umulog ti senora augucrad ti sampaga. 
    (Iloc.) Payong

When the lady comes down the sampaga [2] opens.  Umbrella


Con butongon pasoc; con induso payog. 
    (Bis.) Payong

When pulled it is a cane; when pushed a tent. 

Utensils, etc.


Hindi tayop, hindi tao, apat ang suso. 
    (Tag.,—­also Pang.) Buslo

Not animal, not man.  She has four breasts. 


Hindi hare, hinde pare, nag dadamet nang sari-sari. 
    (Tag.) Sampayan

Not king, not padre, it wears many kinds of clothes. 


Adda maysa nga ubing a natured ti lammin. 
    (Iloc.) Sudo

There is a boy, who does not shiver with the cold. 

    This dipper is made from the half of a polished cocoanut shell.


Nang isoot coi, tuyo, nang bunuten coi natulo. 
    (Tag.) Tabo

When I plunged it in it was dry; when I drew it out it was dripping. 


Sacay sino balay ina nga puno sang ventana? 
    (Bis.) Puluguan

Whose house is that, which is full of windows? 
    The hen house


No adda ti lenong agcalcal logong. 
    (Iloc.) Caramba

If it is in the shade it wears its hat. 
    A jar full of water


Aniat aramid a nagbaticuling ti sabut. 
    (Iloc.) Pagbagasan

What work has a gizzard like a sabut
    Storage jar for rice

    The sabut is the cocoanut cup or bowl:  in the pagbagasan,
    there is always a ganta for measuring rice.  This ganta is
    the gizzard here meant.


Pusepusec ti bato tumbog carayan Veto. 
    (Iloc.) Gilingan

I turn the stone and there flows out like the Veto river. 


Hiniguit co ang yantok, nag bibiling ang bundoc. 
    (Tag.) Guilingan

I pulled the rope and the mountain turned. 


Hiniguit co ang Caguin, nag kakara ang maching. 
    (Tag.) Guilingan

I pulled the rope and the monkey began to howl. 

    Refers to the creaking of the mill, when grinding.

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