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I planted a pip near the convent but it did not produce a squash but
Sto.  Cristo. 
    A dead person


Ania ti ringgor nga saan nga agtaud ti dila? 
    (Iloc.) Umel

What quarrel is not made with the tongue? 
    A dumb man’s


Sin-o ang napatay nga guin lubung sa tiyan sang iya nanay? 
    (Bis.) Pari

Who died, who was buried in his mother’s bosom? 

    He was buried in the church.


Duro co nga dalagan pero ua-ay aco dinalaganan? 
    (Bis.) Naga sacay sa duyan

Who was running fast but did not move from where he started?  One in a hammock


Ing makalub makalual ya, ing makalual makalub ya. 
    (Pamp.) Ing inda ampo ing anak.

What was exposed is inside, what was inside is exposed. 
    Mother and babe, when the latter is baptized.

    The mother stays at home in the house.


Pinonggosco a pinongos bino caycayan iti Dios. 
    (Iloc.) Masicog

I grasped and grasped and God loosed it. 
    Pregnant woman


Ania ti anac a mangisquis quen mana. 
    (Iloc.) Ti mangrarit ti piracna.

What child shaves his mother? 
    Who spends her money


Aniat baybay a di aglippias? 
    (Iloc.) Ti Quinaquirmet

What sea does not overflow? 
    The stingy man

    Though he has abundance he gives out none.


Con tulcon nimo uala sia pag pahuay sang lacat apang uala man sing
    (Bis.) Manoghabol

She appears to be always walking, but after all is still in her place
as before. 
    A weaver



Deli queenteng kaballero rianu mang tiknang an nang palacio, agad
yanag malaso. 
    (Pamp.) Balite

A gallant horseman causes any castle in which he is to crumble
to pieces. 
    The Balite

    This is the great parasitic fig, which encloses other trees in
    its embrace.


Adda maysa nga cayo nga bulong nga bulong di met agsabong; sanga nga
sanga dimet agbunga. 
    (Iloc.) Caoayan

There is a plant that produces leaves after leaves, but no flowers;
branches after branches, but no fruit. 


Siroc iti balay ti bacnang di macaycayan. 
    (Iloc.) Bulong ti caoayan

Under the bacnang’s house it cannot be clean. 
    Bambu leaves


Nab-barnasi sin accab-bing-nga udde sicuana. 
    (Gad.,—­also Iloc., Pang., Bis.) Ufud.

When newly-born, well dressed, but when he gets old he is naked. 
    Bambu shoot

    The bud is covered with a down, which disappears.

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