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Siac nacaquitaac iti siam abilit quet pinaltogac iti lima mano iti
    (Iloc.) Lima

I saw nine birds; I shot five of them; how many were left? 

    The dead ones:  the rest flew away.



Ang madamu guina dugangan, pero ang diotay guina buhinan. 
    (Bis.) Ang pag limas sang tubi sa sulod sang sacayan.

The greater is increased, the smaller is diminished. 
    When water is pumped out of a boat.


Ang iya olo sapat, ang iya lanao cahoy cag ang iya icog tauo. 
    (Bis.) Carabao arado cog tauo.

His head is an animal, his body is wood and his tail is man. 


Adda tallo nga caquita; dadiay immona magmagna nga aoan tagarina; dadiay maicadua mangmangan quet; dadiay maicatlo magmagna nga tomanagari. 
    (Iloc.) Agarado

There are three things; the first is walking without talking; the
second is eating; the third is walking and talking. 

    The carabao, the plow, and the man.


Manoc cong pute, nag talon sa pusale. 
    (Tag.) Hugas bigas

My white chicken jumped into the puddle. 

    The water that runs from rice washing is white; it falls from
    the kitchen down into the accumulated water under the house.


Ania ti aramid ti babay a dina malpas? 
    (Iloc.) Abel

What woman’s work is never finished? 

    There is always a lower edge which cannot be woven.



Acoi nag tanem nang sile sa tabe nang catre, ang idinileg coi, puro
ang ibinungay diamante. 
    (Tag.) Bata

I planted a pepper near a bed, I watered it with honor, it yielded
a precious jewel. 


Con mag atubang si tatay; apang con mag talicud si nanay. 
    (Bis.) Insik

If it faces you it is your father; but if it turns its back it is
your mother. 

    Seen from before the general appearance is that of a man; from
    behind, a woman.


Taung inucul dang loco, dapot ing dapat na mibulalag quing yatu. 
    (Pamp.) Cristobal Colon

One whom they thought a fool, his work beeame world-known. 


Nag habla ang may sala nag tago ang justicia. 
    (Tag.) Nagevemupisal

The culprit appears in court, the justice is hidden.  The Confessional

    The person confessing is plainly seen; the priest receiving the
    confession is out of sight.


Nagmolaac iti pipino idiay arisadsad ti convento dimet nagbunga ti
pipino no di Sto.  Cristo. 
    (Iloc.) Natay

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