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My dog from the wharf jumped over seven wells, jumped again over
seven forests, before it saw the sea. 

    This well-known game is played upon a board in which a number
    of round pits are scooped out; two lines of seven of these are
    placed side by side.



Bumile ako nang bigas, bigas din ang ibinayad. 
    (Tag.) Ang pagbibigay nang magandang arao o gabi sa kanino man.

I bought rice with rice. 
    The exchange of greeting—­good morning or good night.



Taray nga taray di met macaalis. 
    (Iloc.) Indayon

Running and running, but it cannot go away. 


Adda caballoc a labang agsinanpontol panalian. 
    (Iloc.) Indayon

I have a gray horse; I can halter him at both ends. 

Heavenly bodies.


Kabac na niog magdamag na kinayod. 
    (Tag.) Buan

Half-a-cocoanut, retreating slowly all night.  Moon


Kabiac na niog, magdamag na ipod nang ipod. 
    (Tag.) Buan

A half-cocoanut, scraped the whole night. 

    The moon keeps freshly white, like cocoanut meat just scraped.


Sancagalip a rabong sila oanna amin a lobong. 
    (Iloc.) Bulan

A half section of a bambu shoot illuminates the whole world. 


Adda pisi a dalayap nga incalic; tal-lo a papadi dina macali. 
    (Iloc.) Bulan

I planted a half-lemon; three priests cannot dig it up. 


Letrang C a maging O, O maging C. 
    (Pamp.,—­also Tag.) Bulan

The letter C becomes O, O becomes C.
    The Moon


Sim-migpatac ti tanobong silaoco a nagodong; sim-migpatac ti alodig,
silaoco nga nagaoid. 
    (Iloc.) Bulan quen bituen

I chop a tanobong for light when I go to town; I chop an alodig
for light when I go home. 
    Moon and stars

    A tanobong is a sort of bambu; alodig is a small bush.


Adda maysa nga dalayap imporoac co idiay tayac no may bagam cucuanac. 
    (Iloc.) Bulan

There was a lemon which I threw out into the wide plain.  Guess it
and I shall be yours. 


Ako ay naghasik nang mais, pagka umaga ay palis. 
    (Tag.) Bituin

I sowed maize grains; in the morning they were swept away. 

The stars, grains of maize, disappear with the dawn.


Sangaplato nga busi maoarasanna amin ti inilinili. 
    (Iloc.) Bituen

A plate of roasted rice can be spread all over the town. 

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