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Round, plump; hairy outside; red inside. 

    A red fruit used for seasoning fish.


Ulo ng principe tinadtad ng ispile. 
    (Tag.) Bunga ng bangcol

Head of a prince stuck full of pins. 

    It is like a round ball stuck with pins.


Dinan yan penalsay Dios ya loab tod tabla it say paoay toel equet. 
    (Pang.) Cabatite

What creature of God is smooth inside but like a net outside? 
    A fruit.  Cabatite


Agbibitin a sinanlagangan. 
    (Iloc.) Damortis

Hanging like a pot-rest. 
    Camachilis (fruit)


Balay ni Santa Ana nalicmut ti caramba. 
    (Iloc.) Niog

Santa Ana’s house is surrounded by a jar.  Cocoanut


Langit ngato, langit baba, danom ti tengana. 
    (Iloc.—­also Pang., Tag.) Niog

Sky above, sky below, water in the middle. 


Danum sadi Minimin, di mastrec ti angin. 
    (Iloc.) Niog

The water of Minimin, the wind cannot reach it. 


Sang bata pa maniuang, anay sang tigulang na matamboc. 
    (Bis.) Lubi

When young he is lean, but when he becomes old he is fat. 

    The meat of the cocoanut grows in thickness.


Tatlong bundok ang tinibag bago dumating nang dagat. 
    (Tag.) Niog

Three mountains were blown down before they reached the sea. 

    The husk, the shell, and the meat are passed to reach the water


Pispisi a dalayap nagcatlo nagcapat. 
    (Iloc.) Buquel ti capas

A half-lemon divides into three or four. 
    Fruit of cotton


Adda maysa nga banga nga bassit; Napno ti bato nga babassit. 
    (Iloc.—­also Pang.) Bayabas

Here is a little pot; it is full of small stones. 


Aling cacania dito sa mundo ang nacalabas ang buto? 
    (Tag.) Kasoy

Which of his brothers in this world has his bones outside? 

    A fruit, the hard seed of which projects entirely beyond its
    outer surface.


Isang ungoy nakaupo sa lusong. 
    (Tag.) Kasoy

One monkey sitting on a mortar. 

    The seed of the balubad or Kasoy suggests the figure.


Babuy sa pulo, ang balahibu ay paco. 
    (Tag.) Langca

Wild hog, whose hairs are nails. 


Pobre ti rabaona mayaman ti onegna. 
    (Iloc.) Langca

Poor outside, rich within. 


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