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His words are audible but difficult to understand; when you look at
his face you will understand what he says. 


Ania ti parsua ni apo Dios nga aoan ti imana nga aoan ti sacana quet
ammona ti agsao? 
    (Iloc.) Leros = reloj

What creature of God has no arms and legs, but can talk? 



Ang nagapahimo nagahibi; ang nagahimo indi iya; ang tag-iya uala
sing calibutan. 
    (Bis.) Longon

The one who orders it made is crying; the one who has it, it is not
his to give; the one who owns it does not care anything about it. 



Taong buhay inaanay. 
    (Tag.) Bulutong

A living person being eaten up by “anay.” 

    Anay, termites or white ants.


Ania ti pagayatan na a mabalud. 
    (Iloc.) Ti masaquit

Why does he wish to be in prison? 



Dadiay adalem agassiquet; dadiay ababao agatengngned. 
    (Iloc.—­also Pang., Bis.) Calzon; bado

What is deep reaches only to the waist; what is shallow comes to
the neck. 
    Drawers; jacket


Daluang pipit nag titimbangan sa isang siit. 
    (Tag.) Hicao

Two pipits balancing on a bambu stick. 

    The pipit is a small bird.


Bumili ako nang alipin mataas pa sa akin. 
    (Tag.) Sambalilo

I bought a slave, taller than myself. 


Aniat aramid a canennaca,
    (Iloc.) Bado

What work devours you. 

    The word work is used in several of these riddles with the meaning
    of a thing made, a manufactured article.  The camisa is a shirt.


Nacaquitaac iti dua a sasacayan; maymaysat naglugan. 
    (Iloc.) Zapatos

I saw two boats; only one person was on board. 


Dala mo siya, dala ca niya. 
    (Tag.) Bakia

You carry it it carries you.  Shoe


Dalan mucu, dalan da ca, mipa quinabang cata. 
    (Pamp.) Sapin

Carry me, I will carry you; let us share alike. 



Con aga naga lapta, pero con hapon naga tipon. 
    (Bis.) Tuba

In the morning it is scattered in many places, but in the evening it
is united into one place. 

    An intoxicating drink made from cocoapalm sap; it is gathered
    daily.  In the morning it is at the trees which yield; at evening
    it is brought in and stored.


Adda maysa a balasang conana toy maysa a baro no ayatennac dacquel
ti pagdacsam. 
    (Iloc.) Arac

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