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He who loses it rejoices, but he who finds it gets mad at it. 
    Bad odor; breaking wind


Iti nacapocao agayayat quet iti nacabiroc agong onget
    (Iloc.) ottot

Who loses it is glad; who finds it is mad. 
    Bad odor; Breaking of wind


Magna sirirquep no nacalucat madi met. 
    (Iloc.) Mucat

It walks while it is shut; when it is open it does not care to walk. 
    Secretion from eye corner


Aso cong pute inutusan co, ay hindi na umue. 
    (Tag.) Lura

I sent out my white dog and he did not return.  Spittle

    The practice of spitting, even unrelated to betel-chewing or
    tobacco-chewing, is far commoner among the Filipinos than among



Tinadtad a root insenpen a panonot. 
    (Iloc.) Libro

Chopped grass hidden in the mind. 

    Fodder or “food for thought.”


Nagbulong nagbunga nanganac diay nangala. 
    (Iloc.) Pagbasan

It has leaves and fruits, Godfather took it. 



Ania iti anac a pooranna iti baguis ni inana? 
    (Iloc.) Candela

What son burns his mother’s intestines? 


Tite nang pare, mapute. 
    (Tag.) Candela

The priest’s ——­ is white.  Candle


Kung babayaan mong ako ay mabuhay yaong kamatayay dagli kong kakamtan, ngungit kung akoy pataing paminsan ay lalong lalawig ang ingat kong buhay. 
    (Tag.) Kandilang may sindi

If you let me live I shall soon die; if you kill me I shall live long. 
    A lighted candle


Masondug a cayu talaque na donna. 
    (Gad.) Candela

A slender tree which bears only one leaf. 
    Lighted candle


Isang butel na palay punong puno ang bahay. 
    (Tag.) Ilao

A grain of rice fills the whole house. 

    The flame of a candle is a little thing, comparable to a rice
    grain; yet it gives light to the whole house.

Cardinal Points.


Adda uppat a nga amigos; idi naparsua toy lubong inda naisigud. 
    (Iloc.) Uppat aturong

There are four friends; they have existed since the beginning.  The four directions

Clock:  Watch.


Aldao rabii agririaoac. 
    (Iloc.) Reloj

Day and night I cry. 


Amanu na mararamdam, dapot masaquit yang intindian, nung ing lupa na
ing quecang lauan a usta mu ing qucang sasabian. 
    (Pang.) Relos

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