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“I’m coming too,” and Elise went with the others to the rooms designed for Mona and Roger.

“This is my Royal Suite,” laughed Patty, as she ushered them into a charming apartment done up in handsome English chintz.

“It suits me,” and Mona nodded approval.  “You had this done by a professional, Patty.”

“It was here when we bought the house.  You see, some rooms were already furnished, when the man decided to sell it.  And of these, such as we liked we kept as they were.  This is especially fine chintz and also good workmanship, so as it is so imposing in effect, we call it the Royal Suite.  Father and Nan adored it, and you and Roger are the next Royal guests.”

“It’s great,” said Elise, “not half as pretty as mine, but more dignified and gorgeous.”

The chintz was patterned with tropical birds and foliage and as the hangings were many and elaborate the effect was gorgeous.  The bathroom was spacious and fully equipped, and as Mona’s things had arrived she turned to instruct the maid who was already unpacking them.

“Come back with me to my room,” said Elise, as she and Patty went down the hall.

“Just for a minute, then, for I must go and sort out the rest of my visitors.  I am putting Philip and Chick over in the west wing, far removed from the nursery, for I don’t want them imagining they are kept awake by the night thoughts of my child.  And, I must confess, Fleurette has a way of tuning up in the wee, small hours!  However, we had the nursery walls muffled, so I don’t think you’ll be disturbed.  Isn’t this outlook fine, Elise?”

“Beautiful,” and Elise joined Patty at the bay-window.  “This is the most effective room I ever saw, and so comfy.”

“And here’s your bath,” Patty opened the door to a bathroom of white-tiled and silver daintiness.  “Now you’ve time for a tub and a rest before dinner.  So I’m going to leave you.  Come down at eight,—­or sooner, if you like.”

Housewifely Patty ran away, happy in her new role of hostess to a house party.

The men still sat on the tea-porch, smoking, and talking over the political situation.

“Here you are again,” Chick greeted her; “but where’s the che-ild?  I must see that youngster to-night.  I’ve—­I’ve brought her a present.”

“Oh, well, come along, then,” said Patty; “if you’re really so anxious to meet the young lady,—­why wait?”

The two went up to the nursery, and though a little surprised at the unexpected call, Nurse Winnie made no objection.

“Here’s your new friend,” and Patty lifted Fleurette out of her pillows and presented her to Chick.

“What a beauty!” he cried, as he saw the golden curls and the big blue eyes.  “And so intelligent!”

“Of course!  Did you think she’d look vacant?”

“They often do,” said Chick, sagely.  “Why, my cousin’s baby looks positively idiotic at times,—­but this mite,—­she knows it all!”

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