An Historical Relation of the Island Ceylon in the East Indies eBook

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Dr. Puller’s Discourse of the Moderation of the Church of England,

Dr. Saywel’s Original of all the Plots in Christendom; with the Danger and Remedy of Schism.

Sir John Munson Baronet, of Supreme Power and Common Right.  Octavo.

Dr. Edw.  Bagshaw’s Discourses upon Select Texts, Octavo.

Mr. Rushworth’s Historical Collections:  The Second Part.  Fol.

——­His large and exact Account of the Trial of the E. of Straf. with all the Circumstances preliminary to, concomitant with, and subsequent upon the same, to his Death.  Fol.

Remarques relating to the state of the Church of the three first
Centuries.  By Ab.  Seller.  Octavo.

Speculum Baxterianum, or Baxter against Baxter.  Quarto.

The Countrey-man’s Physician.  For the use of such as live far from
Cities, or Market-Towns.  Octavo.

Dr. Burnet’s Sermon upon the Fast for the Fire, 1680. quarto.

——­Conversion and Persecutions of Eve Cohan, a Person of Quality of the Jewish Religion, lately Baptized a Christian. quarto.

——­His Life and Death of the late Earl of Rochester.  Octavo.

——­His Fast Sermon before the Commons, Decemb. 22. 1680.

——­His Sermon on the 30th of Jan. 1680/1.

New England Psalms.  Twelves.

An Apology for a Treatise of Humane Reason.  Written by Mr. Clifford
Esq; Twelves.

The Laws of this Realm concerning Jesuits, Seminary Priests, &c. explained by divers Judgments and Resolutions of the Judges; with other Observations thereupon, by William Cawley Esq; Fol.

Bishop Sanderson’s Sermons, with his Life.  Fol.

Fowlis his History of Romish Conspiracies, Treasons, and
Usurpations.  Fol.

Markmam’s Perfect Horseman.  Octavo.

Dr. Parker’s Demonstration of the Divine Authority of the Law of
Nature and the Christian Religion. quarto.

Dr. Sherlock’s practical discourse of Religious Assemblies.  Octavo.

A Defence of Dr. Stillingfleet’s Unreasonableness of
Separation.  Octavo.

Dr. Outram’s Sermons.  Octavo.


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