An Historical Relation of the Island Ceylon in the East Indies eBook

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Dr. Tillotson’s Rule of Faith.

Dr. Simpson’s Chymical Anatomy of the York-shire Spaws; with a
Discourse of the Original of Hot Springs and other Fountains.

——­His Hydrological Essays, with an Account of the Allum-works at Whitby, and some Observations about the Jaundies.

Dr. Cox’s Discourse of the Interest of the Patient in reference to
Physick and Physicians.

Organon Salutis:  Or an Instrument to cleanse the Stomach:  with divers
New Experiments of Tobacco and Cofee:  with a Preface of Sir H. Blunt.

Dr. Cave’s Primitive Christianity, in three Parts.

Allen’s Discourse of two Covenants, 1672.

Ignatius Fuller’s Sermons of Peace and Holiness.

Buckler of State and Justice against France’s Design of Universal

A free Conference touching the Present State of England at home and abroad, in order to the Designs of France.

Bishop Taylor of Confirmation.

Mystery of Jesuitism, third and fourth Parts.

Dr. Salmon’s Dispensatory.

Dr. Samway’s Unreasonableness of the Romanists.

Record of Urines.

Dr. Ashton’s Cases of Scandal and Persecution.


Hodder’s Arithmetick.

Grotius de Veritate Religionis Christianae.

Bishop Hacket’s Christian Consolations.


Valentine’s Devotions.

Guide to Heaven.

Books lately printed.

Guillim’s Display of Herauldry, with large Additions.

Dr. Burnet’s History of the Reformation of the Church of England,
Folio, in two Volumes.

Dr. Burlace’s History of the Irish Rebellion, folio.

Herodoti Historia, Grae.  Lat.  Fol.

Cole’s Latin and English Dictionary, with large Additions.

William’s Sermon before the Lord Mayor, Octob. 12. 1679.

——­Impartial Consideration of the Speeches of the Five Jesuits Executed for Treason, Fol.

Dr. Burnet’s Relation of the Massacre of the Protestants in France,

——­His Letter written upon the Discovery of the late Plot, Quarto.

——­Decree made at Rome, March 2. 1679. condemning some Opinions of the Jesuits and other Casuists, Quarto.

Tryals of the Regicides, Octavo.

Mr. James Brome’s Two Fast Sermons.

Dr. Jane’s Fast Sermon before the House of Commons, April 11. 1679.

Mr. John James’s Visitation Sermon, April 9. 1671.  Quarto.

Mr. John Cave’s Fast Sermon on Jan. 30. 1679. quarto.

——­His Assize Sermon at Leicester, July 31. 1679. quarto.

——­His Gospel preached to the Romans, Octavo.

Certain Genuine Remains of the Lord Bacon, in Arguments Civil,
Moral, Natural, &c. with a large Account of all his Works, by
Dr. Tho.  Tenison.  Octavo.

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