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Their Arrival at Columbo, and Entertainment there.  Their Departure thence to Batavia.  And from thence to Bantam; Whence they set Sail for England.

They are wondered at at Columbo, ordered to appear before the Governor.  Treated by English there.  They come into the Governor’s presence.  His State.  Matters the Governor enquired of; Who desires him to go with him to Batavia.  Cloths them, And sends them Money, and a Chirurgeon.  The Author writes a Letter hence to the English he left behind him.  The former Demands and Answers penned down in Portugueze by the Governor’s Order.  They Embark for Batavia.  Their friendly Reception by the Governor there; Who furnishes them with Cloths and Money; And offers them passage in their Ships home.  Come home from Bantam in the Caesar.


Concerning some other Nations, and chiefly Europeans, that now live in this Island; Portugueze, Dutch.

Malabars that Inhabit here.  Their Territories.  Their Prince.  That People how governed.  Their Commodities and Trade.  Portugueze:  Their Power and Interest in this Island formerly.  The great Wars between the King and them forced him to send in for the Hollander.  The King invites the Portugueze to live in his Countrey.  Their Privileges.  Their Generals.  Constantine Sa.  Who loses a Victory and Stabs himself.  Lewis Tissera served as he intended to serve the King.  Simon Caree, of a cruel Mind.  Gaspar Figazi.  Splits Men in the middle.  His Policy.  Gives the King a great Overthrow, loseth Columbo, and taken Prisoner.  The Dutch.  The occasion of their coming in.  The King their implacable Enemy, and why.  The Damage the King does them.  The means they use to obtain Peace with him.  How he took Bibligom Fort from them.  Several of their Embassadors detained by the King.  The first Embassador there detained since the Author’s Remembrance.  His Preferment, and Death.  The next Ambassador dying there, his Body is sent down to Columbo in great State.  The third Ambassador.  Gets away by his Resolution.  The fourth was of a milder Nature.  The fifth brings a Lion to the King as a Present.  The number or Dutch there.  They follow their Vice of Drinking.  The Chingulays prejudiced against the Dutch, and why.


Concerning the French.  With some Enquiries what should make the King detain white men, as he does.  And how the Christian Religion is maintained among the Christians there.

The French come hither with a Fleet.  To whom the King sends Provisions, and helps them to build a Fort.  The French Ambassador offends the King.  He refuseth to wait longer for Audience.  Which more dipleaseth him.  Clapt in Chains.  The rest of the French refuse to dwell with the Ambassador.  The King useth means to reconcile them to their Ambassador.  The Author acquaints
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