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Their Last and Successful attempt.  The Way they went.  They design for Anarodgburro:  Turn out of the way to avoyd the King’s Officers:  Forced to pass thro a Governours Yard.  The Method they used to prevent his Suspition of them.  Their danger by reason of the Wayes they were to pass.  They still remain at the Governors to prevent suspition.  An Accident that now created them great fear:  But got fairly rid of it.  Get away plausibly from the Governor.  In their way, they meet with a River, which they found for their purpose.  They come safely to Anarodgburro:  This Place described.  The People stand amazed at them.  They are examined by the Governor of the Place.  Provide things necessary for their Flight.  They find it not safe to proceed further this way.  Resolve to go back to the River they lately passed.


The Authors Progress in his Flight from Anarodgburro into the Woods, unto their arrival in the Malabars Country.

They depart back again towards the River, but first take their leave of the Governor here.  They begin their Flight; Come to the River along which they resolve to go; Which they Travel along by till it grew dark.  Now they fit themselves for their Journey.  Meeting with an Elephant they took up for the second Night.  The next morning they fall in among Towns before they are aware.  The fright they are in lest they should be seen.  Hide themselves in a hollow Tree.  They get safely over this danger.  In that Evening they Dress Meat and lay them down to sleep.  The next morning they fear wild Men, which these Woods abound with.  And they meet with many of their Tents.  Very near once falling upon these People.  What kind of Travelling they had.  Some account of this River.  Ruins.  The Woods hereabouts.  How they secured themselves anights against wild Beasts.  They pass the River, that divides the King’s Countrey from the Malabars.  After four or five days Travel, they come among Inhabitants.  But do what they can to avoid them.  As yet undiscovered.


Being in the Malabar Territories how they encountred two Men, and what passed between them.  And of their getting safe unto the Dutch Fort.  And their Reception there; and at the Island Manaar, until their Embarking for Columbo.

They meet with two Malabars.  To whom they relate their Condition.  Who are courteous to them.  But loath to Conduct them to the Hollander.  In danger of Elephants.  They overtake another Man, who tells them they were in the Dutch Dominions.  They arrive at Arrepa Fort.  The Author Travelled a Nights in these Woods without fear, and slept securely.  Entertained very kindly by the Dutch.  Sent to Manaar, Received there by the Captain of the Castle, Who intended they should Sail the next day to Jafnipatan to the Governor.  They meet here with a Scotch and Irish Man.  The People Flock to see them.  They are ordered a longer stay.  They Embark for Columbo.


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