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The Diseases this Countrey is subject to.  Every one a Physician to himself.  To Purge:  To Vomit.  To heal Sores.  To heal an Impostume.  For an hurt in the Eye.  To cure the Itch.  The Candle for Lying-in Women.  Goraca, a Fruit.  Excellent at the Cure of Poyson.  They easily heal the biting of Serpents by Herbs, And Charms.  But not good at healing inward Distempers.  They both bury and burn their Dead.  They send for a Priest to pray for the Soul of the Departed.  How they mourn for the Dead.  The nature of the Women.  How they bury.  How they burn.  How they bury those that dy of the Small Pox.



Of the reason of our going to Ceylon, and Detainment there.

The subject of this Fourth Part.  The occasion of their coming to Ceylon.  They were not jealous of the People being very Courteous.  A Message pretended to the Captain from the King.  The beginning of their Suspition.  The Captain seized and seven more.  The Long-boat men seized.  The General’s craft to get the Ship as well as the Men.  The Captains Order to them on board the Ship.  The Captains second Message to his Ship.  The Ships Company refuse to bring up the Ship.  The Captain orders the Ship to depart.  The Lading of Cloath remained untouched.  The probable reason of our Surprize.  The number of those that were left on the Island.  The Dissauva departs.


How we were carried up in the Country, and disposed of there, and of the Sickness, Sorrow and Death of the Captain.

They intend to attempt an Escape, but are prevented.  Their Condition commiserated by the People.  They are distributed into divers Towns.  An Order comes from the King to bring them up into the Country.  How they were treated on the way in the Woods.  And in the Towns among the Inhabitants.  They are brought near Cande, and there separated.  The Captain and his Son and two more quartered together.  Parted:  How they fared:  The Captain and his Son placed in Coos-swat.  Monies scarce with them.  But they had good Provisions without it.  The Town where they were sickly.  How they passed their time.  Both fall Sick.  Deep grief, seizes the Captain.  Their Sickness continues.  Their Boys’ Disobedience adds to their trouble.  His excessive Sorrow.  His Discourse and Charge to his Son before his Death.  His Death, and Burial.  The Place where he lies.  Upon the Captain’s Death a Message sent from Court to his Son.


How I lived after my Father’s Death, And of the Condition of the rest of the English:  and how it fared with them.  And of our Interview.

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