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and Wife may part at pleasure.  Men and Women change till they can please themselves.  Women sometimes have two Husbands.  Women unclean.  Privileges of Men above Women.  Privileges of Women.  They often destroy New-born Infants, But seldom a First-born.  Their Names.  They are ambitious of high Titles.


Of their Employments and Recreations.

Their Trade.  Work, not discreditable to the best Gentleman.  How they geld their Cattle.  How they make Glew.  Their Manufactures.  How they make Iron.  How they make Butter.  Shops in the City.  Prices of Commodities.  Or their Measures.  Their Weights.  Measures bigger than the Statute punishable; but less, not:  And why.  Of their Coin.  Of their Play.  A Play or a Sacrifice:  For the filthiness of it forbid by the King.  A cunning Stratagem of an Officer.  Tricks and Feats of Activity.  At leisure times they meet and discourse of Newes.  Drunkenness abhorred.  Their eating Betel-Leaves.  How they make Lime.


Of their Lawes and Language.

Their Lawes.  Lands descend.  In case Corn receives dammage by a Neighbours Cattel.  The loss of letting out Land to Till.  The great Consideration for Corn borrowed.  A Debt becomes double in two years.  If the Debtor pay not his Debt, he is lyable to be a Slave for it.  Divers other Lawes and Customes.  For deciding Controversies.  Swearing in the Temples, The manner of swearing in hot Oyl.  How they exact.  Fines.  Of their Language.  Titles given to Women according to their qualities.  Titles given to Men.  No difference between a Country-man and a Courtier for Language.  Their Speech and manner of Address is courtly and becoming.  Their Language in their Address to the King.  Words of form and Civility.  Full of Words and Complement.  By whom they swear.  Their way of railing and scurrility.  Proverbs.  Something of their Grammar.  A Specimen of their Words.  Their Numbering.


Concerning their Learning, Astronomy and Art Magick.

Of their Learning.  Their Books and Arts.  How they learn to write.  How they make and write a Book.  The Priests write Books of Bonna.  The Kings Warrants how wrapped up.  They write upon two sorts of Leaves.  Their Skill in Astronomy.  Their Almanacks.  They pretend to know future things by the Stars.  Their AEra.  Their Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours.  How they measure their Time.  Their Magic.  The Plenty of a Country destroyed by Magic.  Their Charm to find out a Thief.  The way to dissolve this Charm.  Inscriptions upon Rocks.


Of their Sickness, Death and Burial.

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