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The chief dayes of Worship.  How they know what God or Devil hath made them sick; The Gods of their Fortunes, viz the Planets.  What Worship they give Devils.  Who eat the Sacrifices.  Their Gods are local.  The Subjection of this People to the Devil.  Sometimes the Devil possesseth them.  The Devils voice often heard.  Their Sacrifice to the chief Devil.  Their Festivals.  Festivals to the honour of the Gods that govern this World.  The Great Festival in June, with the manner of the Solemnity.  The Feast in November.  The Festival in honour of the God of the Soul.  The high honour they have for this God.


Concerning their Religious Doctrines, Opinions and Practices.

As to their Religion they are very indifferent.  If their Gods answer not their Desires, they curse them.  They undervalue and revile their Gods.  A Fellow gives out himself for a Prophet.  His Success.  The King fends for one of his Priests.  Flyes to Columbo.  Pretends himself to be a former Kings Son.  Flyes from the Dutch.  The King catches and quarters him.  The Peoples high opinion still of this new God.  Their Doctrines and Opinion.  The highest points of their Devotion.  Their Charity.  The Privilege of the Moorish Beggars.  Respect Christians, and why.


Concerning their Houses, Diet, Housewifery, Salutation, Apparel.

Their Houses mean.  No Chimneys.  The Houses of the better sort.  Their Furniture.  How they eat.  How the great Men eat.  Discouraged from nourishing Cattel.  Cleanly in dressing their meat; Their manner of drinking and eating.  Their manner of washing before and after meals.  None must speak while the Rice is put into the Pot.  Sawce made of Lemmon juice.  Their sweet meats.  A kind of Puddings.  The Womens Housewifry.  How they entertain Strangers, And Kindred.  When they Visit.  Their manner of Salutation.  The Nobles in their best Apparel.  The fashion of their hair.  The Women dressed in their Bravery.  How they dress their heads.  They commonly borrow their fine Cloths.


Of their Lodging, Bedding, Whoredome, Marriages, Children.

Their Bed, and how they sleep a Nights.  They rise often in the Night.  Children taught to sing at going to bed.  Young People ly at one anothers Houses.  Nothing so common as Whoredome.  They are guilty of the thing, but love not the Name.  The man may kill whom he finds in bed with his Wife.  The Womens craft to compass and conceal their Debauchery.They do treat their Friends with the use of their Wives or Daughters.  The Mother for a small reward prostitutes her Daughter.  Marriages.  No Wooing The Bridegroom goes to the Brides house.  How the bridegroom carries home his Bride.  A Ceremony of Marriage.  Man
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