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The several Inhabitants of the Island.  The Original of the Chingulays.  Wild Men.  Who pay an acknowledgement to the King.  How they bespeak Arrows to be made them.  They rob the Carriers.  Hourly wild Men Trade with the People.  Once made to serve the King in his War.  Their Habit and Religion.  A skirmish about their Bounds.  Curious in their Arrows.  How they preserve their Flesh.  How they take Elephants.  The Dowries they give.  Their disposition.  The Inhabitants of the Mountains differ from those of the Low-Lands.  Their good opinion of Virtue, tho they practice it not.  Superstitions.  How they Travel.  A brief character of them.  The Women, their habit and nature.


Concerning their different Honours, Ranks, and Qualities.

How they distinguish themselves according to their Qualities.  They never Marry beneath their rank.  In case a Man lyes with a Woman of inferior rank.  Their Noble men.  How distinguished from others.  The distinction by Caps.  Of the Hondrews or Noble men two forts.  An Honour like Unto Knighthood.  Goldsmiths, Blacksmiths, Carpenters, and Painters.  The Privilege and state of the Smiths.  Craftsmen.  Barbers.  Potters.  Washers.  Jaggory-makers.  The Poddah, Weavors, Basket-makers.  Mat-makers.  The lower ranks may not assume the habit or names of the higher.  Slaves.  Beggers.  The reason the Beggers became so base and mean a People.  They live well.  Their Contest with the Weavors about dead Cows.  Incest common among them.  A Punishment, to deliver Noble women to these Beggers.  Some of these Beggars keep Cattel and shoot Deer.  Refuse Meat dressed in a Barbar’s house, and why.


Of their Religion, Gods, Temples, Priests.

Their Religion is Idolatry.  They worship Gods and Devils.  And the God, that saves Souls.  The Sun and Moon they seem to repute Deities.  Some of their Temples of exquisite work.  The form of their Temples.  The shape of their Idols.  They worship not the Idol, but whom it represents.  The Revenues of the Temples, and the Honours thereof.  They are dedicated to Gods.  Private Chappels.  The Priests.  The first Order of them.  The habit of these Priests.  Their Privileges.  What they are Prohibited.  When any are religiously disposed, these Priests sent for in great Ceremony.  None ever used violence towards them before this present King.  The Second Order of Priests.  The third Order.  How they dedicate a Red Cock to the Devil.  Their Oracle.


Concerning their Worship and Festivals.

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