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When a verdict of “Guilty” is pronounced on the President or Vice-President, he shall be deprived of his post, but the infliction of punishment shall be determined by the Supreme Court of Justice.

When the verdict of “Guilty” is pronounced upon a Cabinet Minister, he shall be deprived of his office and may forfeit his public rights.  Should the above penalty be insufficient for his offence, he shall be tried by the Judicial Court.

Art. ...  Either of the two Houses shall have power to request the government to inquire into any case of delinquency or unlawful act on the part of any official and to punish him accordingly.

Art. 45.  Both Houses shall have the right to offer suggestions to the Government.

Art. 46.  Both Houses shall receive and consider the petitions of the citizens.

Art. 47.  Members of either House may introduce interpellations to the members of the Cabinet and demand their attendance in the House to reply thereto.

Art. 48.  Members of either House shall not be responsible to those outside the House for opinions expressed and votes cast in the House.

Art. 49.  No member of either House during session shall be arrested or detained in custody without the permission of his respective House, unless he be arrested in the commission of the offence or act.

When any member of either House has been so arrested, the government should report the cause to his respective House.  Such member’s House, during session, may with the approval of its members demand for the release of the arrested member and for temporary suspension of the legal proceedings.

Art. 50.  The annual allowance and other expenses of the members of both Houses shall be fixed by law.

(CHAPTER V. on Resident Committee of the National Assembly with 4 articles has been eliminated.)


Art. 55.  The administrative power of the Republic of China shall be vested in the President with the assistance of the Cabinet Ministers.

* Art. 56.  A person of the Republic of China in the full enjoyment of public rights, of the age of forty years or more, and resident in China for at least ten years, is eligible for election as President.

* Art. 57.  The President shall be elected by a Presidential Election Convention, composed of the members of the National Assembly.

For the above election, an attendance of at least two-thirds of the number of electors shall be required, and the voting shall be performed by secret ballot.  The person obtaining three-fourths of the total votes cast shall be elected; but should no definite result be obtained after the second ballot, the two candidates obtaining the most votes in the second ballot shall be voted for and the candidate receiving the majority vote shall be elected.

* Art. 58.  The period of office of the President shall be five years, and if re-elected, he may hold office for another term.

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