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The organization of the Citizens’ Conference shall be fixed by the Provisional Constitution Conference.

Art. 62.  The Citizens’ Conference shall be convoked and dissolved by the President.

Art. 63.  The Constitution of Chung Hua Min Kuo shall be promulgated by the President.


Art. 64.—­Before the Constitution of Chung Hua Min Kuo comes into force this Provisional Constitution shall have equal force to the Permanent Constitution.

The order and instructions in force before the enforcement of this Provisional Constitution shall continue to be valid, provided that they do not come into conflict with the provisions of this Provisional Constitution.

Art. 65.  The articles published on the 12th of the Second Month of the First Year of Chung Hua Min Kuo, regarding the favourable treatment of the Ta Ching Emperor after his abdication, and the special treatment of the Ching Imperial Clan, as well as the special treatment of the Manchus, Mongols, Mahommedans and Tibetans shall never lose their effect.

As to the Articles dealing with the special treatment of Mongols in connexion with the special treatment articles, it is guaranteed that they shall continue to be effective, and that the same will not be changed except by law.

Art. 66.  This Provisional Constitution may be amended at the request of two-thirds of the members of the Li Fa Yuan, or the proposal of the President, by a three-fourths majority of a quorum consisting of four-fifths or more of the whole membership of the House.  The Provisional Constitution Conference will then be convoked by the President to undertake the amendment.

Art. 67.  Before the establishment of the Li Fa Yuan the Tsan Cheng Yuan shall have the duty and authority of the former and function in its stead.

Art. 68.  This Provisional Constitution shall come into force from the date of promulgation.  The Temporary Provisional Constitution promulgated on the 11th day of the Third Month of the First Year of the Min Kuo shall automatically cease to have force from the date on which this Provisional Constitution comes into force.


Passed by a puppet political body and promulgated by Yuan Shih-kai on December 29, 1914

Article 1.  A male citizen of the Republic of Chung Hua, possessing the rights of citizenship, 40 or more years of age and having resided in the Republic for not less than 20 years shall be eligible for election as President.

Art. 2.  The Presidential term shall be ten years with eligibility for re-election.

Art. 3.  At the time of the Presidential Election the then President shall, representing the opinion of the people carefully and reverently nominate (recommend) three persons, with the qualifications stated in the first Article, as candidates for the Presidential Office.

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