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Art. 23.  If the Provisional President should veto matters passed by the National Council he shall, within ten days after he has received such resolutions, return the same with stated reasons to the Council for reconsideration.  If by a two-thirds vote of the quorum of the Council, it shall be dealt with in accordance with Article 22.

Art. 24.  The Chairman of the National Council shall be elected by ballots signed by the voting members and the one receiving more than one-half of the total number of the votes cast shall be elected.

Art. 25.  Members of the National Council shall not, outside the Council, be responsible for their opinion expressed and votes cast in the Council.

Art. 26.  Members of the Council shall not be arrested without the permission of the Chairman of the Council except for crimes pertaining to civil and international warfare.

Art. 27.  Procedure of the National Council shall be decided by its own members.

Art. 28.  The National Council shall be dissolved on the day of the convocation of the National Assembly, and its powers shall be exercised by the latter.


Art. 29.  The Provisional President and Vice-President shall be elected by the National Council, and he who receives two-thirds of the total number of votes cast by a sitting of the Council consisting of over three-fourths of the total number of members shall be elected.

Art. 30.  The Provisional President represents the Provisional Government as the fountain of all executive powers and for promulgating all laws.

Art. 31.  The Provisional President may issue or cause to be issued orders for the execution of laws and of powers delegated to him by the law.

Art. 32.  The Provisional President shall be the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of the whole of China.

Art. 33.  The Provisional President shall ordain and establish the administrative system and official regulations, but he must first submit them to the National Council for its approval.

Art. 34.  The Provisional President shall appoint and remove civil and military officials, but in the appointment of Members of the Cabinet, Ambassadors and Ministers he must have the concurrence of the National Council.

Art. 35.  The Provisional President shall have power, with the concurrence of the National Council, to declare war and conclude treaties.

Art. 36.  The Provisional President may, in accordance with law, declare a state of siege.

Art. 37.  The Provisional President shall, representing the whole country, receive Ambassadors and Ministers of foreign countries.

Art. 38.  The Provisional President may introduce Bills into the National Council.

Art. 39.  The Provisional President may confer decorations and other insignia of honour.

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