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Ronald McNeill, 1st Baron Cushendun
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To us as Irishmen—­convinced as we are of the righteousness of the cause for which we are fighting, and resolved that no sacrifice can be too great to “make the world safe for democracy”—­it is a matter of poignant regret that the conduct of the Nationalist leaders in refusing to lay aside matters of domestic dispute, in order to put forth the whole strength of the country against Germany should have cast a stain on the good name of Ireland.  We have done everything in our power to dissociate ourselves from their action, and we disclaim responsibility for it at the bar of posterity and history.

JAMES JOHNSTON, Lord Mayor of Belfast. 
H.M.  POLLOCK, President Belfast Chamber of Commerce. 
R.N.  ANDERSON, Mayor of Londonderry, and
  President Londonderry Chamber of Commerce. 
JOHN M. ANDREWS, Chairman Ulster Unionist Labour Association. 
JAMES A. TURKINGTON, Vice-Chairman Ulster
  Unionist Labour Association, and Secretary
  Power-loom and Allied Trades Friendly
  Society, and ex-Secretary Power-loom
  Tenters’ Trade Union of Ireland. 
THOMPSON DONALD, Hon. Secretary Ulster
  Unionist Labour Association, and ex-District
  Secretary Shipwrights’ Association. 
HENRY FLEMING, Hon. Secretary Ulster Unionist
  Labour Association, Member of Boilermakers’
  Iron and Steel Shipbuilders’ Society.


[110] See Appendix A.


Abercorn, James, 2nd Duke of,
  at the Belfast Convention, 33;
  President of the Ulster Unionist Council, 35;
  illness, 47, 85, 108;
  signs the Covenant, 122;
  death, 144
Abercorn, James, 3rd Duke of, 257, 282
Abercorn, Mary, Duchess of,
  President of the Women’s Unionist Council, 37
Adair, Gen. Sir Wm., at Larne, 217
Afghan Campaign, 161
Africa, South, War, 18
Agar-Robartes, Hon. Thomas,
  amendment on the Home Rule Bill, 92, 94-97, 132
Agnew, Capt.  Andrew, viii, 193, 202, 210, 213, 214, 220
Albert Hall, meetings at, 14, 21, 34, 71
Alexander, Dr., Bishop of Derry, at the Albert Hall, 14
Allen, C.E., 156
Allen, W.J., 35
Althorp, Lord, 138
Altrincham, election, 155
Amending Bill, 221, 223, 227;
  postponed, 228, 230;
  see Home Rule
America, War of Independence, 273
Amery, L.C.S.,
  at Belfast, 81;
  on the Curragh Incident, 182
Amiens, threatened capture of, 266
Anderson, R.N., Mayor of Londonderry,
  letter to President Wilson, 273, 296-299
Andrews, John M., letter to President Wilson, 296-299
Andrews, Thomas, 33, 35, 48
Anglo-German relations, 167, 201
Annual Register, viii, 18 note, 21, 54 note, 76, 78 note, 138,
  154 note, 155 note, 157 note, 166 note, 167 note, 169 note,
  170 note, 201 note, 222 note, 223 note, 238, 271 note, 272 note

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