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“Yes, but how shall we learn these secrets?” Kelson nerved himself to ask.

“They will be revealed to you in various ways—­sometimes when asleep.  You will receive preliminary instructions as to divination before this time to-morrow.”

“And meanwhile, we shall be in want of money,” Curtis remarked.

“No!” the voice replied, “you will not be in want of money.  Have you anything more to ask?”

No one spoke, and the silence that followed was interrupted by a loud rustling of the wind.  The darkness then lifted; but nothing was to be seen—­nothing save the trees and bushes, moon and stars.


  [Footnote 16:  This is a very sinister sign in astrology, denoting
  the presence of evil influences of all kinds.—­(Author’s note.)]

[Footnote 17:  According to Atlantean ideas these spirits were:—­Vice Elementals; Morbas (or Disease Elementals); Clanogrians (or malicious family ghosts, such as Banshees, etc.); Vampires; Barrowvians, i.e. a grotesque kind of phantasm that frequents places where prehistoric man or beast has been interred; Planetians, i.e. spirits inimical to dwellers on this earth that inhabit various of the other planets; and earthbound spirits of such dead human beings as were mad, imbecile, cruel and vicious, together with the phantasms of vicious and mad beasts, and beasts of prey.—­(Author’s note.)]
[Footnote 18:  They are a literal translation of the Atlantean by Thos.  Maitland, and are very nearly identified with forms of spirit invocation used in Egypt, India, Persia, Arabia, and among the Red Indians of North and South America.—­(Author’s note.)]



After their rencontre with the Unknown, Hamar and his companions did not get back to their respective quarters till the sun was high in the heavens, and the streets of the city were beginning to vibrate with the rattle and clatter of traffic.

“It’s all very well—­this wonderful compact of ours,” Curtis grumbled, “but I’m deuced hungry, and Matt and I haven’t a cent between us.  As we went all that way last night to oblige you, Leon, I think it is only fair you should stand us treat.  I’ll bet you have some nickels stowed away, somewhere, in those pockets of yours—­it wouldn’t be you if you hadn’t!  What do you say, Matt?”

“I think as you do,” Kelson replied.  “We’ve stood by Leon, he should stand by us.  How much have you, Leon?”

“How much have you?” Curtis echoed, “come, out with it—­no jew-jewing pals for me.”

“I might manage a dollar,” Hamar said ruefully, as the prospect of a good meal all to himself, at his favourite restaurant, faded away.  “Where shall we go?”

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