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“And through these methods of using the essence of life, that is impregnated with the disease you wish to inflict—­you may infect people with all kinds of incurable ailments.

“But a quicker, and equally sure method of smiting people with disease, such as cancer, fever, epilepsy, apoplexy, etc.; of smiting them blind, deaf, dumb, lame, etc.; or bringing upon them all kinds of accidents, is to make an image of the person you wish to torment, and, setting it in front of you, preferably, at times when the moon is new, or in conjunction with Venus, Mars or Saturn, concentrate with all your will on whatever injury you wish to inflict.  If, for example, you desire the person to become blind, stick a pin, or thorn, or nail in the eyes of the image; if deaf, in its ears; if maimed, cut a limb off the image; if to have a certain disease, will very earnestly that he or she shall have that disease.  You may thus, too, torment the object of your aversion with plagues of insects and vermin.

“If you desire to bewitch your neighbour’s milk, wine, or any food he or she has, you may do it by placing the mumia, i.e. the vehicle containing the essence of life of some criminal or lunatic, in the immediate vicinity of the food, etc.; or in the case of milk, by giving it to the cow to eat; or you may accomplish your design simply by means of concentration and an image.

“Always, however, whatever methods you employ, prelude them with this prayer:  ’I conjure thee, Great Unknown Power that is Antagonistic to man, that was at the Beginning, that is now, that always will be; by the winds and rain, and thunder and lightning; by the swirling rivers; by the Moon; by the sinister influence of the Moon with Venus, Mars and Saturn; help me obtain the perfect issue of all my desires, which I seek to perform solely for the furtherment of what is detrimental to humanity.  Amen.’  And conclude them with the signs of the foot, the hand and the bat.  If you desire to know anything further it will be unfolded to you in your dreams.”

The hand that had been laid on Hamar’s was now removed.  The writing ceased.  The table rose several inches from the floor, and struck the latter three times in quick, violent succession.  Then it remained quiet, and Hamar knew, by a subtle change in the atmosphere, that all occult manifestations—­for that night at least—­were at an end.  The ladies were, of course, dying to know what had happened; and like most ladies, who dabble in spiritualism, were ready to believe anything they were told.  Hamar, who had no intention whatever of telling them what had actually occurred, satisfied them admirably.

He went home delighted—­far too delighted to sleep—­for he had in his possession now the greatest of all weapons—­the weapon to torment.  And with it what could he not do!  What could he not get!  He could get—­Gladys!


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