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“You,” he said, turning to Curtis, “will be endowed with the property of overcoming gravity, i.e., you will be able to fly, to jump great heights, and to lift and move prodigious weights; and this property will remain in your possession during the prescribed period, provided you abstain from all animal food, from smoking and from drinking alcohol; and observe the same rules with regard to fumigating your sleeping apartment, and bathing your face, as Hamar and Kelson.  But, always, before you attempt to fly or to jump, it will be necessary for you to set in motion certain vibrations, in the ether, that counteract the attraction of gravity.  You must repeat the words ’Karjako Mandarbsa Guahseela,’ which I have written on this blue paper; and when you want to move or lift objects, you must first repeat the words ‘Perabibo Henlilee Oko-kokotse,’ which I have written on this green paper.  Gravity, as you will see, is entirely dependent on sound—­sound can move mountains.  It did so in Atlantis, it did so in Egypt.”

Making the sign of a triangle, an eye, and a tree in the air, with the forefinger of his left hand, he slowly repeated the words “Barjakva—­ookpoota—­trylisa.” and the concluding syllable was no sooner uttered, than the trio found themselves standing in Berners Street.  But of Karaver’s house—­the house they had just quitted—­there was no trace.


  [Footnote 19:  According to Brahminical teaching there are seven
  main classes of spirits; some having innumerable sub-divisions. 
  They are—­

    1.  Arrippa Devas, with forms.

2.  Arrippa Devas, without forms. (Both Classes 1 and 2 are intelligent, sixth principles of certain planets.  I style them Planetians, and classify them with all other spirits hailing from Jupiter Neptune, etc.)

    3.  Mara rupas (identical with Vice-Elementals).

    4.  Pisachas, i.e. male and female elementaries. (I have termed
    them Impersonating Elementals, since they consist of the astral
    forms of the dead, that may be utilized by Elementals.)

    5.  Asuras, i.e. gnomes, pixies, etc. (Corresponding to those
    I have designated Vagrarian Elementals.)

    6.  Monstrosities. (These I include among Vice-Elementals and

7.  Kaksasas, viz. souls of wizards, witches, and of clever people with evil tendencies, scientists with cruel or harsh tendencies—­such as vivisectionists and sophists.  All these come under my division of “earthbound phantasms of the dead”—­spirits tied to this earth by passions or vices; and I should add to the list—­militant suffragettes, strike agitators, hooligans, apaches, pseudo-humanitarians, religious bigots, misers, all people obsessed with manias, idiots, epileptic imbeciles and criminal lunatics.  All such may at times be encountered on the lowest spiritual plane.]

  [Footnote 20:  Composed of 2 drachms of myrrh, 1/2 oz. of sweet oil,
  2 oz. of attar of roses, 1/2 oz. heliotrope and 1/4 oz. of musk.]

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