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Henry Alleyne Nicholson
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 391 pages of information about The Ancient Life History of the Earth.

Animal soft-bodied, generally with a hard covering or shell; no distinct segmentation of the body; nervous system of scattered masses.

CLASS I. POLYZOA ("Sea-Mosses"). Ex.  Sea-mats (Flustra),
  Lace-corals (Fenestellidoe*). 
CLASS II.  TUNICATA** ("Tunicaries"). Ex.  Sea-squirts
CLASS III.  BRACHIOPODA ("Lamp-shells"). Ex.  Goose-bill
  Lamp-shell (Lingula). 
CLASS IV.  LAMELLIBRANCHIATA ("Bivalves"). Ex.  Oyster
  (Ostrea), Mussel (Mytilus), Scallop (Pecten),
  Cockle (Cardium). 
CLASS V. GASTEROPODA ("Univalves"). Ex.  Whelks
  (Buccinum), Limpets (Patella), Sea-slugs**
  (Doris), Land-snails (Helix). 
CLASS VI.  PTEROPODA ("Winged Snails").  Ex. Hyalea, Cleodora
CLASS VII.  CEPHALOPODA ("Cuttle-fishes"). Ex.  Calamary
  (Loligo), Poulpe (Octopus), Paper Nautilus
  (Arganauta), Pearly Nautilus (Nautilus), Belemnites,*
  Orthoceratites,* Ammonites.*



Body composed of definite segments arranged longitudinally one behind the other; main masses of the nervous system placed dorsally; a backbone or “vertebral column” in the majority.

CLASS I. PISCES ("Fishes"). Ex.  Lancelet** (Amphioxus);
  Lampreys and Hag-fishes (Marsipobranchii**); Herring,
  Salmon, Perch, &c. (Teleostei or “Bony Fishes");
  Gar-pike, Sturgeon, &c. (Ganoidei); Sharks, Dog-fishes,
  Rays, &c. (Elasmobranchii or “Placoids"). 
CLASS II.  AMPHIBIA ("Amphibians").  Ex. Labyrinthodontia,*
  Caecilians,** Newts and Salamanders (Urodela), Frogs and
  Toads (Anoura). 
CLASS III.  REPTILIA ("Reptiles").  Ex. Deinosauria,*
  Pterosauria,* Anomodontia,* Plesiosaurs
  (Sauropterygia*), Ichthyosaurs (Ichthyopterygia*),
  Tortoises and Turtles (Chelonia), Snakes (Ophidia),
  Lizards (Lacertilia), Crocodiles (Crocodilia). 
CLASS IV.  AVES ("Birds"). Ex.  Toothed Birds
  (Odontornithes*); Lizard-tailed Birds (Archoeopteryx*);
  Ducks, Geese, Gulls, &c. (Natatores); Storks, Herons,
  Snipes, Plovers, &c. (Grallatores); Ostrich, Emeu,
  Cassowary, Dinornis,* AEpiornis,* &c. (Cursores); Fowls,
  Game Birds, and Doves (Rasores); Cuckoos, Woodpeckers,
  Parrots, &c. (Scansores); Crows, Starlings, Finches,
  Hummingbirds, Swallows, &c. (Insessores); Owls, Hawks,
  Eagles, Vultures (Raptores). 
CLASS V. MAMMALIA ("Quadrupeds"). Ex.  Duck-mole and Spiny
  Ant-eater (Monotremata**); Kangaroos, Phalangers,
  Opossums, Tasmanian Devil, &c. (Marsupialia);

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