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Henry Alleyne Nicholson
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 391 pages of information about The Ancient Life History of the Earth.

Appendix.—­Tabular view of the chief Divisions of the Animal Kingdom.




  1.  Cast of Trigonia longa.
  2.  Microscopic section of the wood of a fossil Conifer.
  3.  Microscopic section of the wood of the Larch.
  4.  Section of Carboniferous strata, Kinghorn, Fife.
  5.  Diagram illustrating the formation of stratified deposits.
  6.  Microscopic section of a calcareous breccia.
  7.  Microscopic section of White Chalk.
  8.  Organisms in Atlantic Ooze.
  9.  Crinoidal marble.
 10.  Piece of Nummulitic limestone, Pyramids.
 11.  Microscopic section of Foraminiferal
     limestone—­Carboniferous, America.
 12.  Microscopic section of Lower Silurian limestone.
 13.  Microscopic section of oolitic limestone, Jurassic.
 14.  Microscopic section of oolitic limestone, Carboniferous.
 15.  Organisms in Barbadoes earth.
 16.  Organisms in Richmond earth.
 17.  Ideal section of the crust of the earth.
 18.  Unconformable junction of Chalk and Eocene rocks.
 19.  Erect trunk of a Sigillaria.
 20.  Diagrammatic section of the Laurentian rocks.
 21.  Microscopic section of Laurentian limestone.
 22.  Fragment of a mass of Eozooen Canadense.
 23.  Diagram illustrating the structure of Eozooen.
 24.  Microscopic section of Eozooen Canadense.
 25. Nonionina and Gromia.
 26.  Group of shells of living Foraminifera.
 27.  Diagrammatic section of Cambrian strata.
 28. Eophyton Linneanum.
 29. Oldhamia antiqua.
 30. Scolithus Canadensis.
 31.  Group of Cambrian Trilobites.
 32.  Group of characteristic Cambrian fossils.
 33.  Fragment of Dictyonema sociale.
 34.  Generalised section of the Lower Silurian rocks
     of Wales.
 35.  Generalised section of the Lower Silurian rocks
     of North America.
 36. Licrophycus Ottawaensis.
 37. Astylospongia proemorsa.
 38. Stromatopora rugosa.
 39. Dichograptus octobrachiatus.
 40. Didymograptus divaricatus.
 41. Diplograptus pristis.
 42. Phyllograptus typus.
 43. Zaphrentis Stokesi.
 44. Strombodes pentagonus.
 45. Columnaria alveolata.
 46.  Group of Cystideans.
 47.  Group of Lower Silurian Crustaceans.
 48. Ptilodictya falciformis.
 49. Ptilodictya Schafferi.
 50.  Group of Lower Silurian Brachiopods.
 51.  Group of Lower Silurian Brachiopods.
 52. Murchisonia gracilis.
 53. Bellerophon argo.
 54. Maclurea crenulata.
 55. Orthoceras crebriseptum.
 56.  Restoration of Orthoceras.
 57.  Generalised section of the Upper Silurian

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